Top reasons why lemon water is the healthiest drink on earth


If most people are asked, they tend to list a lack of time as a reason for not following healthy habits. And it is true that between work, long commutes, childcare and keeping up with a household, time can certainly seem thin on the ground. But the fact is that if someone is wanting to change their lifestyle and develop healthy habits, this can be done without a huge expenditure of time. There are in fact some small changes that people can make that can nonetheless bring major benefits to the body. A walk around the block in the morning. Taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Packing a sandwich instead of going through the drive-through — all of this can add up. Another small but significant lifestyle change to consider is drinking lemon water throughout the day. Here’s what this superdrink can do:

Clears the skin

Even by itself, water is excellent for skin health: skin that is hydrated is full and youthful-looking and less prone to puffiness, wrinkles or other signs of aging. When the antioxidant and detoxifying power of Vitamin C from the lemons is added to the mix, it makes for a very effective skin tonic indeed! The lemon water can also be used topically as a toner to leave the complexion smooth and clear.

Maintains a healthy acid-base balance

Sugary foods and animal-based protein feature heavily in the American diet. Unfortunately, this can lead to problems with acidity throughout the body and the disruption of the body’s pH balance. Lemon water can correct this because it has an alkalizing effect upon the body. A pH balance which is slightly alkaline reduces cancer risk as well as inflammation throughout the body.

Strengthens the immune system

Even without lemon juice, staying hydrated with water helps immunity by flushing toxins and pathogens from the system more easily. Further benefit to the immune system comes from the Vitamin A and Vitamin C as well as the antioxidants that lemon is so rich in – and this can help the body to fight off illness and disease.

Aids weight loss

Being overweight or obese is a condition which many Americans struggle with. One safe and healthy way to help stimulate weight loss is drinking lemon water: it can help to suppress hunger pangs and food cravings and stimulates the metabolism so that the body burns fat more easily. And it is much safer than many diet pills currently on the market!

This is a great example of how a small lifestyle change can allow someone to reap major health benefits. From the skin to the immune system, nearly every part of the body can benefit from the daily consumption of lemon water!


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