Top Natural Super-Foods To Aid Quick Weight Loss


People around the globe take several drastic measures to lose weight and get into shape. Starting from intense workout sessions to starving themselves, people try everything. Especially when it comes to losing weight fast, people tend to go on crazy diets, where they practically restrain themselves from eating anything. But what most people don’t know is that there are certain super-foods that can help them lose weight rapidly, without having to starve themselves. Let’s find out about a few of these super-foods.

  1. Eggs

A good protein-rich breakfast boosts up your metabolism for the rest of the day, and ensures a faster and more effective calorie burning capacity. And what could be a better protein-rich breakfast than eggs. In fact according to research, if you eat eggs for breakfast then you are likely to lose twice as much as weight as someone who eats bagels for breakfast. So sunny side up or fried, the choice is yours, but do incorporate that egg into your breakfast every morning.

  1. Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a rich, sinful bar of chocolate! And to imagine that your favourite snack could actually be assisting you in your weight loss! Dark chocolate especially, is chock full of MUFAs or monounsaturated fatty acids. These are basically healthy fats that pump up your metabolism and help you burn calories faster. Just nibbling on a bar of dark chocolate here and there throughout the day can actually help you achieve that, apart from keeping you happy and energized. It also is effective in reducing food cravings, which are the source of all our weight-loss misery.

  1. Green Tea

Green tea is one of the rare food products that have more than one nutrient that are responsible for boosting the weight loss mechanism in our bodies. It has controlled measures of caffeine that helps in the fat burning process, and also increases your stamina for physical activity. But the most noticeable fat burning components in green tea are the different antioxidants. EGCG is one such antioxidant that boosts fat burning to such an extent that consuming five cups of green tea every day can bring a noticeable change in your weight in a short period.

  1. Beans

Kids hate them, but adults know that beans provide a lot of nutrients to the body that are vital for well-being. But did you know that beans also assist you in controlling your weight? Beans instigate the secretion of a highly effective weight loss hormone known as cholecystokinin. This is a digestive hormone, which also helps keep your blood sugar levels at check, which means no unnecessary hunger pangs.

  1. Red Pepper

A spicy hot red pepper can add flavour to your food as well as help you lose weight! These red peppers contain an ingredient known as capsaicin, which is an appetite suppressant. Having a red pepper infused breakfast will automatically reduce your capacity to eat a heavy lunch. So go stir up some nice southwestern style omelette for your breakfast!

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