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Aspartame (the full name is aspartylphenylalanine) is a synthetic sweeter that is marketed as a low calorie product and is often used ostensibly in conjunction with diabetes management and weight loss. The controversial sugar substitute is sold as NutriSweet, Equal and Aminosweet and is an ingredient in thousands of food and beverage products worldwide.

Aspartame contains only 4 calories per gram and is 180 to 200 times sweeter than sucrose (common table sugar). The artificial sweetener is highly touted by big food as ‘safe for human consumption’ and is commonly found in foods and drinks like diet sodas, chewing gum, sugar-free ice cream, reduced-calorie fruit juice (like Tropicana), yogurt, and sugarless candy.

The sweetener was discovered by chance when two substances were mixed together and inadvertently ingested. It is a synthetic compound of phenylalanine and aspartic acid and 10 percent of its molecular structure is methanol (methyl alcohol or wood alcohol). A European Patent which can be viewed online reveals that aspartame is produced as the byproduct (waste) of a genetically modified E. coli bacteria.

When the body breaks down aspartame it creates wood alcohol and formaldehyde, which are not exactly substances that the body finds beneficial. Wood alcohol can cause vision damage and blindness while formaldehyde (used in embalming fluid) makes the body more prone to infection and can cause pneumonia.

It is well established that Aspartame gained approval by the FDA through fraudulent documentation, bribery and corruption. Weirdly, Donald Rumsfeld – yes the Secretary of Defense from the George W. Bush Administration – was President and CEO of the Monsanto-owned pharmaceutical company G.D. Searle & Co. which owned the rights to NutraSweet at the time it was finally approved by the FDA. After much controversy Mr. Rumsfeld played a key role in making the approval happen.

All of this of course begs the question, if Aspartame is so safe then why all the fraud and shady politics? The answer will be clear – it is not safe.

Aspartame is poison.

Few substances have been studied as extensively as has Aspartame. Many of those studies were sponsored by food industry insiders who stand to gain from the continued use and sale of their coveted artificial sweetener. Guess what these kinds of studies always find?

On the other hand, one survey revealed that 92 percent of studies conducted by non-industry sponsors reported one or more health problems associated with Aspartame.

Among the myriad of health problems linked to Aspartame are various cancers (brain, breast, leukemia, lymphoma, peripheral nerve), loss of cognition and neurological function, memory loss, brain lesions, brain tumors, headaches, migraines, mental disorders, depression, seizures, vision loss, mild rashes, fatigue and kidney function decline.

Aspartame is addictive, as most poisons are, and sudden cessation can lead to withdrawal symptoms like irritability, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, headache, brain fog / decreased concentration, anxiety and depression.

Ironically, studies show that aspartame can increase appetite / calorie consumption by up to 30 percent. Many believe that this is because it tricks your brain into thinking it is getting a sugar fix, only to leave the body unsatisfied (as NutirSweet is devoid of any actual nutrients).

Austin Broer of Health Masters explains,

“When ‘regular’ sugar is eaten, dopamine is released in the brain and blood sugar levels rise, causing a secondary stimulation to produce dopamine. When eating artificial sweeteners, dopamine produces the initial sensation of pleasure, but the second effect doesn’t occur because sugar-free sweeteners have no impact on blood sugar levels. As a result, the body sends signals requesting more food to compensate.”

It seems like a contradiction but the consumption of aspartame can in this way actually lead to weight gain.

The bottom line is that this artificial sweetener should be avoided at all times. When in doubt take the time to read the food label. If it says aspartame put it down and grab something else.

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