Top Five Reasons to Consume Turmeric


Turmeric maybe the most esteemed herb in Ayurvedic medicine, Turmeric provides a most youthful energy. In the five years we have been growing and working with Turmeric on the farm, we have learned first-hand how balanced its energy truly is for holistic well-being. On our medical Tea Farm in Hawaii, we grow Turmeric and use it for everything: We soak in it, we drink it, and we put it on our booboos as a second skin. We love Turmeric.

  1. Reduce Inflammation – Turmeric breaks up and helps the body excrete acidic foods like dairy or meat that enter the body. Turmeric reduces the inflammation caused by such toxic energy.
  1. Increase Circulation –Turmeric is comprised of nourishing vitamins and minerals, including iron, manganese, B6 and copper. These vitamins and minerals help circulate the blood and energize the body. Clinical studies have substantiated that it relieves Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cystic Fibrosis.
  1. Strengthen the Prostate Gland –Turmeric Root strengthens and balances the Root Chakra, where the prostate is located. Turmeric will help rejuvenate the prostate gland and support emotional grounding.
  1. Boost Immunity –Turmeric is placed outside of the homes in India to purify the air and keep the evil spirits away. They also wear Turmeric on their skin as “make-up” for both beauty and protection. As a second skin”, Turmeric is used to thwart negative energy, such as air-born disease like malaria; or emotions like anger or guilt from other people.
  1. Cleanse Liver – Turmeric is comprised of curcumin, which is known to rejuvenate and cleanse the liver of harmful and cancerous toxins.

We find turmeric to be an integral herb to create a balanced medicinal base for any tea blend. We do often marry it with Yellow or Galangal Ginger to create a ying-yang balance, as turmeric is relatively cooling and yellow ginger is heating.

We cold-press the raw turmeric directly out of the ground in order to extract the essence of the plant; and also make tea out of the dried fiber. The cured fiber in tea form is certainly more gentle to ingest, infusing the cured vitamins and minerals directly into the blood stream from the tea; while the raw juice extract is the most potent medicine for the liver and other organs, as well as easy to apply externally.

We use turmeric as a daily tonic to keep the body, mind and spirit healthy and feeling alive. As with all herbs, it works to balance your nutrition, rest and hydration.

Use turmeric to enjoy a healthy lifestyle!


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Wolkon Doug
Doug Wolkon is founder of Kauai Farmacy in Hawaii. The Kauai Farmacy gardens are home to some of the most powerful herbal supplements in the world; growing over 60 varieties of medicinal plants. Herbal teas, powders and salves are hand-crafted by skilled artisans for ultimate potency, balance and freshness.