Top Five Home Remedies for Ringworm


Being a common and infectious disease, Ringworm can be very expensive and problematic to treat. However, you really may need to go for harsh chemical treatments that may cost you a fortune. This is especially when you have several members of the family – and a few pets – to take care of.

Following are top five home remedies for ringworm treatment:


Garlic is known to treat a number of medical conditions, ringworm being among them. It is amongst the best option if you are trying to work on natural ringworm treatment from home. Get fresh garlic cloves and prepare a paste by crushing or mincing them. Cover the affected area with a thin layer of garlic paste for one or two hours. You can use a medical tape to keep it in place. When time is up, rinse with warm water to remove the garlic. For effective results, repeat the process three times a day for three weeks.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you can lay your hands on apple cider vinegar, you are home and dry. It can treat many skin diseases because of its anti-fungal properties. Before you apply it to the affected areas, test it on a fresh patch of skin to find out if it causes irritation. If your skin has no problem with it, use a cotton ball to apply it to the affected areas. Repeat the process twice daily for about three weeks.

Lavender oil

The powerful anti-fungal properties of lavender oil have been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Studies have proved that the oil actually kills the harmful fungi. It is; therefore, quite effective in the treatment of ringworm. Apply it to the affected area three times a day and the fungi will be history within three or so weeks.

Colloidal silver

This is a completely natural anti-biotic known to destroy a host of harmful micro-organisms. You can use it to eliminate ringworm from your skin by simply rubbing or spraying it to the affected areas. Repeat the process twice a day until the infection is gone completely. It exists either as a gel or liquid, so remember to use it correctly.

Aloe Vera

The medicinal qualities of Aloe Vera have been with us since time immemorial. Aloe Vera juice is known to treat all kinds of illnesses, including fungal infections. The icing on the cake is that it is readily available. You may even have it as a pot plant. Apply it to the affected area daily until the infection disappears. Other benefits linked to Aloe Vera.

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