Top Effective Ways to Relieve Yourself from Hip Pain during Pregnancy


According to most women and medical journals, hip pain during pregnancy is one of the causes of discomfort which commonly happens to expectant mothers. Such occurrences are triggered by the increase of hormones such as progesterone and relaxin. Other causes include structural changes in the body, weight gain, poor posture, and stress.

For some women, the discomfort and pain they experience around their hips and pelvis tend to disable them from doing their daily normal tasks and also interfere with their ability to get enough sleep. This situation triggers more stress and discomfort during the day.

Helpful Tips to Relieve Hip Pain

Here are helpful and effective home remedies and alternative treatments to help lessen the discomfort of hip pain.

  1. To aid in sleep, practice sleeping on one side keeping your legs a little bent and wrap your legs around a pillow so both legs are separated the entire length of your legs.
  2. Use hot or warm water bottle in relieving the pain by applying it gently on your hips.
  3. Avoid standing too much as this can aggravate the pain more.
  4. Try swimming. Go for swimming in your last trimester because this can ease the strain not only in your hips but also in all your joints.
  5. Use the aid of iliac brace. If you are required to move a lot, the brace can lessen the tension from your belly to your hips. As for the brand of the iliac brace, ask your doctor what he recommends.
  6. Do some strengthening exercises. According to health experts, any kind of strengthening exercises can help a lot in minimizing the pain around your hips. Employ the help of a licensed physical therapist to safely learn the techniques of strengthening your thigh and trunk muscles.
  7. Get yourself a prenatal massage. Prenatal massage, according to some medical journals, can help relieve hip pain by relaxing all your muscles and making you feel better. Look for a trained prenatal massage therapist to ensure the effectiveness and safety of the service.
  8. Go for yoga. There are lots of pregnant women who find relief and comfort in yoga. Look for a local yoga center that specifically accepts expecting mothers for a special yoga class.
  9. Always make sure that you are getting enough calcium and magnesium in your diet.
  10. Look for a local chiropractor that specializes in treating pregnant women with hip pain. Chiropractic visits can help lessen the pain around your hips.

Recommended hip treatments for hip pain during pregnancy include acetaminophen for pain, pregnancy belt or support device, pregnancy pillow, warm bath, and herbal medicine. To ensure your safety, always get the advice of your doctor or attending physician before taking or applying any of the mentioned treatments.

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