Top Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture for Your Skin


Not everyone is for cosmetic or plastic surgery because of the invasiveness of the procedure.  Many men and women are hesitant to engage in botox, injections, nips and pokes that a cosmetic surgery would require to make your look younger and more beautiful. In fact, these should be avoided at all because of the many disadvantages and risks. Luckily today, there is an alternative to these things without having the pains of post-operative healing from cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic acupuncture is on the rise baby boomers want to slow aging process or if not, age gracefully by boosting their skin without having to go through botox.

What is cosmetic acupuncture?

Cosmetic or facial acupuncture is uses the traditional acupuncture technique by stimulating the nervous system with fine needles and inserted in different parts of the face and the body. In the traditional Chinese acupuncture method, the skin is pierced with a very fine needle in different parts of the body. Underneath the skin lies the energy pathways which. When the pathway is pressed through the needle, it release Qi or is known as the vital life energy and helps restore normal health. The pathways are connected or correlated to an organ. It is believed that if the pathway is suppressed, it leads to illnesses. Acupuncture, helps clear the blockage thus restoring normal health.

In cosmetic acupuncture, the fine needles are poked in the face so it brings up the youthful glow and rejuvenates the skin by increasing the blood supply.

Benefits of cosmetic acupuncture

  1. It is technically safe.

Cosmetic acupuncture is safe because there are no side effects that can harm the skin. No chemical is introduced to the body unlike engaging in botox, acid peels, injectable fillers and the like. The acupuncturists are trained individuals who know where the energy pathways are.  Occassional bruising may happen but it heals in a few days. No scarring, lumps and even botched cosmetic procedures ever happened in acupuncture facial rejuvenation.

  1. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

There is a study published by the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine that cosmetic acupuncture helps shrink the wrinkles and acne marks due to the increased blood circulation in the skin.

  1. Increases skin circulation.

Poor blood circulation can lead to acne, rosacea and eczema. Having a facial acupuncture acts on the cellular level thus its action is taking place at the root of the problem.  Once blood flow is increased, it stimulates the body’s natural collagen to help revitalize and restore natural beauty and youthfulness.

  1. Tightens the pose and brightens the eyes.

Facial muscles are stimulated when doing a cosmetic acupuncture. It is stimulated by toning the facial muscles. After a few sessions, a noticeable glow is evident and the small wrinkles, baggy eyes seem to disappear slowly.


  1. It is simply relaxing.

Although the needles can be intimidating, once it is inserted to the face or different parts of the body, it helps release endorphins- the-feel-good hormones to the brain. A release in endorphins mean feeling relaxed, happy, chill and just well rested even after the treatment.


  1. It is also cheaper than cosmetic surgery.

It is practical to spend about $100- $200 over something that has long term benefits rather than spend more than $1000 for a cosmetic surgery, or injectable fillers which can turn out to be harmful to the body. Cosmetic acupuncture is done by a certified acupuncturist who studies and received training in acupuncture. They are well versed with the different energy pathways in the body and they know which parts to avoid preventing injuries.


  1. Gives a younger, more youthful look.

Although aging cannot be prevented, every person would dream to age gracefully. With facial acupuncture, the toxins, which, causes stress and makes a person look old, are released from the body. After a few sessions, there is a noticeable youthful glow.


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