Top 8 Surprising Health Benefits of Guava


Guava is a popular fruit in East Asia and India that has many benefits in our health. In India, they have a statement:” Eating some guava in the season keeps doctors away for year”.

1. Diabetes

Guava is always known as a powerful angel to protect us from diabetes.  Guava contains a high content of a special dietary fiber: soluble fiber that contributes to slow down the digestion so it prevents our digestive system from absorbing too fast sugar that can lead to hyperglycemia. Diabetes people should eat guava flesh and avoid its skin because guava’s skin has certain sugar amount. To have high effective diabetes prevention, you should eat guava before meal.

2. Cough and cold prevention and treatment

Winter comes not only with dry, cold weather but also annoys common cold. Drinking guava juice helps you suppress mucus formation in the respiratory tract as effective as eliminating microorganisms. A special weapon for healing from cold and cough of guava is rich in vitamin C, a guava can supply 209% sufficient amount of vitamin C for a man per day, the amount of vitamin C that is contained in guava is also higher than orange four times so eating guava brings an enormous benefit in treating the common cold. See more home remedies for cough here: Home Remedies for Cough

3. Weight loss

As we mention in the first paragraph, guava contains a high level of soluble fiber that decreases digestive rate so if you eat a guava, you won’t feel hungry in a long time. The tip to have a perfect weight index is eating one or two guava on lunch or afternoon and your stomach sense will always be full till rest of day. If you want to have potent weight loss plan, putting a guava in your menu every day can be a useful choice.

4. Skin care

Guava provides a wealthy source of vitamins and minerals which promote skin health and protect skin from the aging process. Guava is usually seen as an important herb in skin caring because it has lots of astringents. Astringent extrude the oil in the skin so it becomes a savior with people having excessive oil skin. Astringent also tightens skin’s texture together with closing the disturb pores. As a precious gift for your skin, you can rinse your face with immature guava or leaves decoction then eat some guava per day, you will be surprised by your own skin.

5. Cancer prevention

Many recent studies show guava is really effective weapon to prevent cancer especially in prostate, breast cancer. The reasons guava has cancer prevention ability is high content vitamin C and lycopene. Lycopene- an antioxidant has th power to inhibit harmful free radical from creating tumor inside our body. A new research presents a bright future result that using lycopene with chemotherapy can extend lifelong of a mice having cancer than using only chemotherapy. Vitamin C in guava makes the immune system stronger that can protect our body with bacteria, viruses which secret cancer-caused substances. When you consume high level of vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide will be produced and it has the efficiency to kill the cancer cell.

6. Constipation

Guava, as we know is a replacement for laxative medication and sometimes it is a better choice for constipation. Guava contains high amount of dietary fiber that can’t be digested by the gastrointestinal system so it gradually form a large part of stool and it helps stool move faster in the intestine. Guava seeds have amazing laxatives inside so if you chew them, you won’t worry about constipation anymore. Otherwise, you can see this list for constipation here: Home Remedies for Constipation

7. Brain health

Vitamin B6 found in guava is really good for brain development and maintain our mind function. Vitamin B6 stimulates the body to produce neurotransmitters that ensure the fast stable connection between neurons. There are some reasons to eat guava every day.

8. Eyesight

The presence of vitamin A in guava keep our vision in good condition. Vitamin A works as a protector for the cornea from cataracts, macular degeneration and it also helps a lot with dry eyes.



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