Top 8 Health Benefits of Buttermilk (Chaas)


Chaas is a particular form of buttermilk that is common among Indian households.  The ingredients in chaas include curd and a number of added spices. The spices added typically include salt and pepper, jeera, ginger, kadi patta, coriander, and different types of chilies.

Typically, it is enjoyed immediately after meals; however, this is not the only time you can drink it.  Buttermilk is perfect for drinking on hot days, because it helps to combat dehydration and fatigue. As a digestive it packs a number of health benefits.

Top Health Benefits of Buttermilk:

  1. Stomach soother:  Buttermilk helps to calm your stomach after a spicy meal because it is made with cool, watered down curd.  Chaas will wash down the spices and will calm an irritated stomach lining. Studies have shown that milk and milk products are some of the best remedies for combating  extra spicy foods.  The pepper, jeera and kadi patta in the chaas help soothe the stomach and relieve irritation.
  2. Washes down fats:  After a heavy meal, buttermilk can help you feel a bit more comfortable. It will wash down any fats or oils that coat the inner walls of the stomach, immediately providing relief.
  3. Digestive aid: The ginger, pepper and jeera in chaas are all digestive agents. All of these help with indigestion, so if you feel it coming on after a meal, drink a glass right away.
  4. Fights dehydration: As stated previously, drinking chaas on a hot day can combat dehydration.  Chaas has salt, water, curd, and spices, and it is packed with electrolytes.  This is one of the best drinks you can give your body on a hot day.
  5. Calcium for the lactose intolerant:  For those who are lactose intolerant, chaas is chock full of calcium and no lactose.  With buttermilk, you will get the calcium without the fat normally found in milk , meaning it is also great for those watching their fat intake.
  6. Full of vitamins: Buttermilk is also a great source of vitamins.  Chaas has vitamin B complex, proteins and potassium. Riboflavin, a B vitamin, is an essential vitamin for the conversion of food to energy and the secretion of hormones and digestion.  Chaas can help fight vitamin deficiency.
  7. Reduces blood pressure : Milk fat globule membrane, a compound found in buttermilk, is rich in bioactive proteins that help to lower cholesterol.  It also has anticancer properties and has been shown to lower blood pressure if ingested on a daily basis.  Simply have a glass a day and enjoy lowered cholesterol numbers and a reduced blood pressure.
  8. Fights acidity : Chaas fights acidity.  It helps to fight the burning sensation you feel during a bout of acid reflux.  It also helps to cool your stomach and gives you immediate relief from any discomfort.

Daily Glass

A daily glass of buttermilk, especially after a meal, has a number of health benefits.  Drink one and enjoy lower cholesterol, reduced blood pressure and relief from acid reflux. The next time the temps rise and you feel yourself getting dehydrated, reach for a glass of chaas. And after a spicy meal? Nothing is better!

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