Top 7 Meat-Free Superfoods that Help Build Muscle and Encourage Healthy Weight Gain


If you’re looking to build more muscle or gain healthy weight, whether you’re a bodybuilder or simply want to increase definition in your body, you know that obtaining proper nutrients is essential. We want ones that are safe and healthy for our bodies while also effectively absorbing the nutrients we need.

Many times, we hear “protein, protein and more protein.”

While protein is very important to help build muscle, many health-conscious individuals want meat-free options to um, beef up their bod. Besides, there are several other natural foods that pack an amazing punch in the muscle-building department.

Top 7 Superfoods to Help Build Muscle, Provide Nutrients

Check out this list of superfoods. All of them play a role in helping build muscle and increase energy naturally and effectively.

Nuts & Nut Butters

In the book, Scrawny to Brawny (affiliate link), sports nutritionist Dr. John Berardi says that “Almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, pistachios and any unsalted, unroasted nuts can be part of your bodybuilding meal plan.” Other options to get protein in your diet include macadamia nut oil or almond butter.

Chlorella Tablets

Chlorella, an algae that helps build lean muscle is why the chlorella tablet has become a popular choice among bodybuilders. It’s easy to understand why. With double the amount of protein as spinach and more than half the protein in rice, it’s an outstanding superfood. Chlorella tablets (aff link) also contain nine essential amino acids, are abundant in minerals and vitamins, can bolster immunity and reduce pain.

Pine Pollen Powder

Yes, that powdery pine substance that often creeps up on your roof or car window can do wonders for building muscle. The superfood amps up metabolism, boosts cardiovascular performance and is rich in vitamins and minerals such as A, B6, potassium and iron. Additionally, it does not contain preservatives. Bonus: it’s known to boost libido. Great for anyone! Check it out here (Amazon aff link).

Maca Root

An amazing natural energy source thanks to its high carbohydrate levels (60% carbs), maca root powder (Amazon aff link) is often a preferred choice among athletes. Rather than engaging in iffy and controversial anabolic steroids, using maca root is a natural way to increase stamina phenomenally.

Bovine Colostrum

Colostrum is known as “immune milk” and because it’s produced by mammals only for a short time before and after birth, it’s rich in nutrients and growth factors. The concept is that with each subsequent milking, less of this is produced, making it important to take advantage of the early production stage of this incredible food.

Bovine Colostrum in particular is referred to as “nature’s first food,” has incredible properties including 87 known growth factors and 97 immune factors. Cell growth and whole-body rejuvenation is enhanced by taking bovine colostrum. Essentially, it’s heralded as a way for the body to thrive even in the most challenging situations. Interested in purchasing this incredible, natural food? Visit (Amazon aff link)

Raw Goat’s Milk

Goat’s milk is considered one of the most complete foods with the highest sodium of any food on the planet. Sodium keeps your metabolism in check while also playing a role in maintaining flexibility and strong bones. Plus, raw goat’s milk can help with digestion (it digests in approximately 20 minutes compared to 8 hours for cow’s milk to digest), fends off arthritic conditions and even removes heavy metal poisoning.

Sacha Inchi Oil

Want more energy? Who doesn’t? But as someone looking to build muscle, it’s essential. In fact, did you know that Sacha Inchi oil has more protein than soy or flax oils? Adding this easy-to-digest oil to healthy foods is an ideal way to increase energy while building muscle. Try some by ordering here.

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