Top 7 Best Herbs for Kidney Cleansing


To judge from the number of dialysis clinics that are spread across the country, kidney disease appears to be a major and widespread health problem, often secondary to diabetes. Kidney stones and tumors can also be of major concern. However, there are ways to cleanse the kidneys naturally and to keep them healthy, thus supporting the health of the entire body. Below are seven of these kidney-cleansing herbs.

Chanca Piedra

Spanish for “stone breaker”, this herb truly is an amazing treatment to help with the pain and difficulty of passing kidney stones. It has long been used for this purpose in folk medicine, but modern science seems to be supporting its clinical use as well.


This is more than just a beautiful roadside wildflower. It was used wildly by Native Americans and later by European colonists for urinary tract health. Its efficacy for kidneys, bladder and liver treatment has also been backed up with modern science.

Hydrangea Root

Again, this home remedy was first used by Native Americans and later by colonists as word of its usefulness for promoting kidney and bladder health spread. One of its most useful functions is to help smooth the sometimes jagged edges of kidney stones, making them easier to pass.

Celery Root

Celery roots and seeds have both long been used for their diuretic properties. This means that they increase the production of urine and this is a way to flush the urinary tract out and help prevent infections and diseases.

Gravel Root

Better known of Joe Pye weed, this plant is also native to North America and, yet again, was used first by indigenous peoples and later the colonists. Its active ingredient is euparin, which is supposed to power solvent and antimicrobial.


Uva ursi is another popular herb that has been long by many culture for centuries to help purify the kidneys and keep the urinary tracy healhy. Like hydrangea root, uva-ursi has been down to soothe and tone the bladder and is astringent to cleanse the kidneys.

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow is a gentle diuretic and increases urination to help flush the kidneys out, while at the same time sooth and calming any irritation that may occur along the digestive tract. Research in modern times has confirmed its use for this.

The kidneys are an incredibly important organ and taking time out to help detoxify and cleanse them is definitely worth your while. Healthy kidneys means kidneys that are better able to help eliminate toxins from the body through urination, keep a good fluid balance in the body and prevent urinary tract infections. So consider any of the herbs mentioned above today to support continued renal health.

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