Top 7 Best Benefits Of Apple Juice! How to Make it?


Apples are available worldwide and come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and kinds. It has more than 7,500 varieties come in common color like green, red , and Yellow and each color having different health benefits. It is loaded with plenty of essential vitamin, mineral and nutrients as well as phenolic compounds which help in enhancing health and avoiding various kinds of illnesses. It is often said that an apple day will keep doctor away.

How to Make Apple Juice?

Apart from eating apple, it is also good to drink its juice. Many people like to drink apple juice. It is very tasty and delicious and makes our body healthy and strong.

Apple, Beet And Ginger Juice


2 large or three small apples
½ beet
Small piece of ginger


Deseed apples and cut.
Scrape and cut the beet and ginger.
Put all ingredients in juicer and juice.
Decant and enjoy this dark pink colored juice.

The 7 Superior Health Benefits Of Apple Juice

Weight Loss

Apple juice has low calorific value and also has low amount of sodium that helps to release excess water from the body. It is full of fiber that makes our stomach full and discourages you from overeating.

Prevents Asthma

Apple contains nutrient called flavonoids. This imperative nutrient is well-known to prevent asthma attacks. Flavonoids keeps our lungs strong and effectual. It has been found that the individuals who drink apple juice on a regular basis have better lung function than the others.

Liver Health

Apple juice alkaline in nature which helps to flush out toxins and waste products from the body. It is good in maintain the pH level of the body. Apple skin contains pectin, which is beneficial in smooth function of the digestive system. Thus it acts like as liver cleanser.

Prevents Cancer

Drinking apple juice is the best way to prevent cancer, it is very effective against tumors and cancer, especially lung cancer. Flavonoids and phenolic acids have proven to be effective in preventing the development of tumors and cancerous cells.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Drinking apple juice daily decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers found that apple juice reduce level in the creation of beta-amyloid, which is a protein that create “senile plaques” in the brain and accountable for the growth of Alzheimer’s disease.

Brain Health

Apples contain a good amount of Vitamin C and other nutrients that boost the growth of red blood cells . Apple juice imparts good amount of chemicals to the brain that checks premature aging and brain cell damage.

Boost Immunity

The decent amount of vitamin C in apple helps boost immunity and avoids numerous disease triggered by virus and bacteria. Vitamin C along with iron in apple juice is helpful in building the bones stronger.





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