Top 7 Amazing Home Remedies Of Blepharitis


Blepharitis is an eyelid inflammation which is popular for everyone. There are acute and chronic situations of blepharitis. Furthermore, the acute form of blepharitis is an eyelid inflammation due to bacteria or viral. Blepharitis is not caused by poor hygiene. So what are the main reasons, signs and symptoms, complications and how to get rid of blepharitis?
What are causes of blepharitis?
Until now, many experts did not find exactly reasons which cause blepharitis. However, it might perhaps relate to some factors, including:
– A bacterial infection
– Rosacea
– Eyelash lice
– Reactions from eye medications or eye makeup products
– Malfunctioning oil glands in your eyelids
Signs and symptoms of blepharitis
Here are some common symptoms that you may suffer from:
– Watery eyes
– Redness
– Itching
– Swollen eyelids
– Frequent blinking
– Burning sensation in the eyes
– Flaking of the affected location in eyes
Complications of blepharitis: If you do not take care of eyelids properly, you might also suffer from some complications of blepharitis such as sty, chronic pink eye, injury to the cornea, eyelash problem and dry eyes.
Home remedies for blepharitis
1. Coconut oil:
This is popular to take care of your skin. With blepharitis, you can soak a cotton ball with coconut oil then apply on the inflamed location for 20 minutes. You should repeat this process for several times per day to get effective. Coconut oil helps reduce annoyed symptoms such as pain, irritation or itching. If it is not available coconut oil you can use olive oil instead. See more health benefits of coconut oil: Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil
2. Warm compression
Warm compression eases swollen eyes and other symptoms of blepharitis. Otherwise, warm compression is good to prevent severe complications of blepharitis. You might dip a cloth into hot water then squeeze it and apply directly on the affected eyes in several minutes.
3. Garlic
Garlic always determines strongly effective functions to medical conditions such as hematoma, kidney infection, bacterial vaginosis and sore throat. Garlic contains anti-inflammation and antibacterial properties so that it may against to symptoms and clear up your situation. You can take some cloves then grind it. After that take some cotton balls to rub juice from garlic over the inflamed eyelid.
4. Potato
This is probably the first time you have read about potato can cure blepharitis. However, it is powerful suggestion to soothe burning sensation and prevent severe complications. In addition, potato stops the overgrowth of bacteria in your eyes. You need to prepare a clean potato and make slices then apply directly on the affected location to reduce symptoms of blepharitis. Keep up for 15 minutes then remove it. You may repeat this method for several times per day.
5. Tea tree oil
Your house is available tea tree oil then you can use it. This is good way to shorten your healing process and reduce symptoms. You can get coconut oil cotton and put over the inflamed location for a while. Otherwise, you can combine other oils to improve effectiveness. See other benefits from this: 10 Ways to Make Use of Tea Tree Oil
6. Salt
Salt is perfect to reduce inflammation. Potentially, it is one of the best tips to get rid of blepharitis. You might perhaps add some spoons of salt into a glass of warm water. Dip it with a cloth then put over the inflamed location.
7. Honey
We must acknowledge that honey is an angel in medical which deal various conditions such as sore throat, cough, kidney infection or bacterial vaginosis. Honey reduces risk of complications and eases swollen eyes. You should put some raw honey on the eyelids but should avoid opening eyes. You will see effectively.


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