Top 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Celery


Celery has always been popular for culinary use, due to the distinctive flavor and richness it can bring to a variety of dishes like soups, stuffing, casseroles and the like. It is especially popular in France and other Mediterranean countries in combination with carrots and onions. It even makes a great snack food or appetizer when stuffed with soft cheese or peanut butter.

However, beyond its extensive culinary uses, celery also has long been valued for the many health benefits it can bring to those who consume it regularly. Below are just a few examples of the many ways in which celery has proven itself to be one of the healthiest and easiest-to-prepare foods around.

Promotes Weight Loss

There is good reason why dieters all over the world have turned to celery to help them achieve their weight loss goals. A single celery stalk is just 9 calories, making it an excellent food for those who like to munch on something crunchy, and its high fiber content acts as a natural curb on the appetite.

Reduces Inflammation

Celery also has compounds which naturally reduce inflammation throughout the body. This makes it an excellent food choice for those with chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis, lupus or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Lowers Stress Levels

Chronic stress and anxiety is a problem for many people nowadays and celery can help ease this somewhat as it is loaded with magnesium, a mineral which is known to promote relaxation and feelings of calmness. It is perfect as a bedtime snack to promote restful sleep.

Increases pH

The high mineral content in celery has an overall alkalizing effect upon the body, raising the body’s pH slightly to help fight against acidity. This is important, as a chronically low pH is associated with the development of certain serious conditions like cancer.

Improves Digestion

Due to its high fiber content, celery can promote good digestion and keep the entire gastrointestinal tract working smoothly. Among other things, the fiber in celery will help prevent digestive issues like constipation and allow for regular bowel movements.

Supports Heart Health

The fiber and antioxidant content in the celery can also promote cardiac health and function by lowering cholesterol levels, regulating the blood pressure to keep it in a safe range and being generally protective against oxidative stress to the heart tissue.

Aids Eyesight

For those who struggle with poor eyesight, celery may be able to improve that as well. Even a single stalk provides a good deal of vitamin A, which is an essential nutrient needed to maintain the health and acuity of the eyes.

Celery, therefore, truly deserves to be classed as a “superfood”, on a level with other nutritional superstars like avocado and kale. While it has not received as much press as these two other foods, celery can bring with it just as many benefits and it just as versatile and delicious.


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