Top 6 Ways to Use Garlic as a Medicine


Garlic probably is one of the best known of the medicinal plants and its history as a medicine reaches far back into human history. Not only does it lend a wonderful, pungent flavor to many dishes, its antioxidants and other active compounds makes it a great natural remedy for a variety of ills and its applications are almost endless. Not only that, but it is just as effective as a topical treatment as it is when taken orally. Below are ways in which garlic is used even today as a medicine for treatment of many different conditions.

High Blood Pressure Treatment

One of the best-known ways in which garlic acts as a natural medicine is in the treatment of high blood pressure. Multiple studies have shown that regular consumption of garlic can have a significant positive impact on blood pressure levels, reducing them by as much as 7-8%, thus reducing the risk for serious events like heart attacks or strokes.

Ringworm Cure

Topical application of a 0.6% ajoene (one of the active compounds in garlic) gel to the area affected with ringworm has proven to effective clear up this skin condition. This is likely due to the fact that this compound has displayed strong anti-fungal properties.

Stomach Cancer Preventative

Consumption of raw garlic – particularly if consumed on an empty stomach – has proven to greatly decrease your chances of developing stomach cancer. Researchers believe that this is likely due to garlic’s strong antioxidant properties.

Athlete’s Foot Remedy

A gel containing ajoene is not only effective for ringworm if applied topically, but can also help relieve the pain, burning and itching of athlete’s foot; studies have shown that this gel is as clinically effective as the over-the-counter medication Lamisil.

Atherosclerosis Treatment

Atherosclerosis refers to the process by which the arteries harden and lose their flexibility as the body ages. This is serious as it can put people at greater risk for strokes or heart attacks, but compounds in garlic, if eaten regularly, seem to be able to prevent or slow this process.

Tick Bites

Apparently garlic is also good for preventing some problems, too. It has been shown that people who consume garlic regularly show a reduced number of tick bites after about five months of use. This is likely because of garlic’s pungent, volatile oils which prove repellent to some pests.

It is not surprising then why garlic has such an illustrious, worldwide history of medicinal use. It is incredibly rich in healthful nutrients to strengthen the immune system and its antimicrobial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties make garlic a natural choice for treatment of any number of conditions as well as for use as a tonic for overall health.

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