Top 6 Ways to Repel Ants Naturally


Summertime brings warm weather, sunshine, long hours out in the garden – and unfortunately, it also bring with it a whole variety of pests. And among the pests that warm weather brings, ants are among the worst. They can invade both the garden and home, get into cupboards and closets where food is kept and basically make life miserable.

But before reaching for a bottle of insecticide or other harsh chemical – wait! There are plenty of natural ways to help repel this annoying little pests. The ways below rely most on ingredients that are most likely already around the house, so they will save money and also keep the house cleaner and greener without any dangerous commercial products. Read on to find out more.

Lemon Juice

It’s not just for summertime lemonade! In fact, when it comes to uses around the house, there are very few things that lemon juice can’t do! In this case, it can be sprayed in undiluted form around any area that the ants are known to be entering the house. The pungent scent seems to repel the ants naturally.


Another great and simple recipe for a natural repellent is adding a few drops of cinnamon essential oil to a small spray bottle of warm water. Shake gently together, then spray on windowsills, doorways or any other place that the ants might be entering. Oil of clove can also be added if desired.


In a small spray bottle mix together — in a one to one ratio — water and Dr. Bonner’s liquid soap with the mint aroma, then add a few drops of peppermint essential oil. Spray as directed above on windowsills, doorways and any other possible entrance.


This sounds strange, but there are more uses for sidewalk chalk than just a good game of hopscotch! Drawing chalk lines on windowsills and doorways, etc., is great protection. For unknown reasons, these chalk lines are great for repelling ants.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds may look like something that needs to be tossed into the compost pile, but they have other uses besides making the morning cup of java! Sprinkle the grounds around entrances to the house – ants will not cross over them.


Like lemon juice, the household uses for vinegar are virtually endless. This can be used for mopping and floor cleaning and also sprayed on entrances to the home like lemon juice or peppermint. However, if you can find the ant nests, you can also eliminate the problem by pouring vinegar directly into the nest itself.

None of these techniques are very expensive and chances are that many of the ingredients mentioned above are already hanging around the house. But they are very effective and also spare the house – and the people who live in it – from contact with harsh pesticides and chemicals, making it safer and pest-free!


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