Top 6 Natural Fat Burning Foods


The weight loss industry is a billion dollar enterprise and it’s not surprising given that:

  • Nearly 70% of American adults are overweight
  • Over 30% of American children are overweight

These rates have increased significantly over the last few decades.  It seems we choose to look for pills and quick ways to lose weight instead of natural fat burning foods that are readily available to us.

The best natural fat burning foods are ironically the same ones that have been unfairly maligned over the last few decades: foods rich in saturated fat. Saturated fat doesn’t make you fat. It also won’t give you heart disease. Recent studies are also coming up with the same conclusions.

Humans have been eating fat for millions of years. The caveman thrived on animal foods. He even cracked open their bones and slurped down the extremely fatty and nutritious bone marrow. Our bodies are much more adapted to burning fat over carbohydrates.

It wasn’t until about 50 years ago where we mistakenly blamed fat as the culprit of disease. Que the low-fat craze and now what do we have?

Heart disease is an absolute epidemic and in fact is the leading killer of people in the world. Clearly we made the wrong choice.

Without further ado here are 5 natural fat burning foods that will kick-start your metabolism and help you shed those pounds.


Top 6 Natural Fat Burning Foods


  1. Coconut Oil Rich in saturated fat and powerful medium-chain triglycerides, this oil will keep you full for many hours.
  1. Eggs Nothing short of nature’s superfood, eggs are a good source of saturated fat and a fantastic source of vitamins.
  2. Butter Butter is loaded with saturated fat and rare micronutrients like vitamin K.
  1. Milk If you can tolerate it, milk is a great source of saturated fat. I recommend grass-fed whole milk, preferably fermented (milk kefir).
  2. Avocado One of the only fruits that contain an unusually high amount of saturated fat. Delicious as guacamole or eaten on its own.
  3. Nuts & Seeds Another great source of fat is nuts and seeds. The fat is mostly monounsaturated but still great for providing energy and promoting fat burning. Just be sure to properly prepare them by soaking and be sure not to over do it. Despite the high fat content, nuts and seeds are also high in inflammatory omega 6.

Worried about cholesterol? Don’t be.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has recently suggested that cholesterol limitation be removed from the current guidelines.

There has never been an established link between dietary cholesterol and heart disease.

By choosing to eat more fat, you’ll naturally eat less carbohydrates. Our ancestors consumed a diet high in fat, moderate in protein, and low carbohydrates.   They were lean and devoid of many diseases we face today thanks to the natural fat burning foods they ate.

In other words, fry your eggs in coconut oil and slather butter on your steak. Fat is king and there’s no need to fear it.




Jake Toughill is an independent writer who covers topics on health, nutrition, environmental issues and more. His personal website can be found at

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Jake Toughill
Jake Toughill is an independent writer whom covers topics on health, nutrition, environmental issues and more. His personal website can be found at