Top 6 Herbal Remedies For Acid Reflux That Really Work


Acid reflux affects more than half of Americans these days, there are some facts you should know about this illness before you’re going for solutions, as the more you know about it, the more you may minimize the effects on your health.

Some Facts about Acid Reflux

  • Acid reflux affects more than sixty million Americans at least once every month;
  • Acid reflux affects your sleep quality as most of the suffers experience the heartburn and other symptoms at night;
  • Alcohol and smoking may make the acid reflux problem worse;
  • People who’re overweight have higher risks of suffering from acid reflux, and studies have found that lose 10% of your body fat can improve the acid reflux symptoms greatly;
  • Don’t leave the acid reflux untreated if you have it often, as it may lead to many other serious diseases;
  • Do exercise directly just after a meal can lead to acid reflux;
  • Don’t eat food within 3 hours before your bedtime, it’s easy to result in a night time acid reflux.

Some people who’re suffering from acid reflux even can nausea, when you experience such condition, go to a doctor. While there are many alternative medicine and natural herbal remedies you can try , which come without any side effects.

Natural Remedies to Try For Acid Reflux

1. Eat some raw almonds can give you a relief, as an alkalize-producing food, almonds can help you balance the PH level in your body.

2. Drink a cup of warm lemon water before your meals, it will not only balance out its acid levels, but also aid in digestion naturally.

3. Cinnamon is also an effective antacid besides its ability to promote immune system and fight against cold. Toast and butter some raisin bread, then spread some cinnamon on it, chew the bread slowly will be beneficial for dealing the problem of acid reflux and heartburn.

4. Ginger root has been proven to help absorb the excess stomach acid, sip a cup of ginger root tea will improve the symptoms, and it also has calming effect, which will help minimize heartburn that caused by stress.

5. Chamomile tea is another widely used herbal tea for a variety of ailments such as heartburn, stress, sleep disorders and digestive issues. Other good herbal teas are including peppermint, chicory root and fenugreek tea, which may also help reduce acid reflux symptoms.

6. Baking soda is effective for people with heartburn as it helps neutralize stomach acid. As one of the most popular remedies to relieve the symptoms from the acid reflux, you can take baking soda in several different methods: Simply stir a teaspoon of baking soda into a cup of water and drink it; Add honey or lemon juice if you want a better taste; Mix baking soda, lemon juice with apple cider vinegar also works perfectly.


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