Top 6 foods and drinks that will naturally cleanse your kidneys


The truth is that most people just don’t think about kidney health in the same way they do about the health of their heart. Most people don’t think about their kidneys at all – until that is, something goes wrong, like a kidney infection or kidney stones. Only then do people realize what an important role the kidneys play in the health of the whole body. These tiny organs work ceaselessly to cleanse the blood of toxins and impurities, making sure they are safely excreted through the urinary tract before they can do any damage. That is why keeping the kidneys in good condition is so important. And fortunately, there are many ways to do that naturally through what is eaten and drunk.

Dandelion Tea

This old-fashioned tonic tea is one of the best known ways to cleanse the kidneys and keep them in good working order. To make, simply boil up 1-2 tablespoons of organic powdered dandelion root (available in most health food stores) in 8 ounces of water, then strain and enjoy! (1)

Ginger-Turmeric Tea

These two spices are botanically related and brewing them up together takes advantage of the strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can promote healthy kidneys. Simply boil up the grated ginger root with a pinch of turmeric powder in one cup of water, then strain and drink while hot. It is okay to add honey to taste! (2)

Cranberries and Cranberry Juice

Cranberries and the juice made from them is another excellent tonic for the kidneys: cranberries contain a compound called quinine, which is then converted by the body to hippuric acid. This acid helps to remove urea, uric acid and other wastes from the kidneys and keep them thoroughly cleansed. (3)


Garlic acts in a number of ways to promote kidney health. First, it is a natural diuretic which increases urine production and keeps the kidneys flushed of impurities. Also, its powerful antimicrobial properties can prevent the development of infections in the kidneys, a potentially serious medical condition if left untreated. (4)


Adding cucumber to the diet is another good way to help promote kidney health. Not only are they mostly made of water (which helps maintain a good hydration level), cucumbers also have natural diuretic properties which will also flush out the kidneys and prevent the build-up of toxins or waste. (5)

Kidney Beans

Strangely enough, these kidney-shaped beans have actually proven to be good for kidney health! They contain a compound called arginine, which is useful as it helps to cleanse the kidneys of ammonia, a waste product. (6)

The foods and drinks above can all be considered to be a part of a kidney-friendly diet which will promote renal health and function – and thus promote the well-being of the entire body.

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