Top 6 Deceptively Delicious High Protein Smoothie Recipes


Health conscious people or those who want to put on some bulk often have to down the unpalatable taste of whey or protein shakes. But there is nothing barring you from making your drink delicious by adding some regular but delicious ingredients to the smoothie.

Here is a list of smoothies that will give you a punch of protein and deliciousness.

1.         Peanut Butter, Banana and Coconut Milk Smoothie:

Peanut butter and banana are the food version of Romeo and Juliet. Once cannot be named without the other and what a coincidence- they are both power packed with proteins. So, to replicate this classic flavor combination in a smoothie, blend two heaping tablespoon of peanut butter, one medium banana and a cup of coconut milk.

2.         Three Seeds Smoothie:

Seeds are a great source of protein. This particular smoothie is made of three seeds, so it has three times the protein and three times the taste. To make the smoothie, soak pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and flax seeds in warm low fat milk or coconut milk if you have a problem with dairy. Blend the mixture in a food processor with a tablespoon of cocoa powder and an ice cube and you have the most delicious chocolaty drink minus the calories.

3.         Yogurt Smoothie:

Yogurt is a very good lean source of protein and desired by health savvy people of all sorts. So yogurt makes for a great base for a smoothie. To enhance flavor you can add any number of toppings. You can add fruits for a refreshing taste; strawberry, raspberry, grapes, all have good complementary flavors. You can also add unsweetened cocoa powder to make a decadent, proteinaceous drink.

4.         Goat Cheese and Pistachio Smoothie:

This is a blend of Mediterranean flavors, incorporated in a smoothie. Goat cheese has 5 grams of protein per ounce, while pistachios have 6 grams of protein per ounce. Naturally, this smoothie is very rich in proteins. Since goat cheese is a little hard, you can soften it by heating it in a bowl of boiling water for half an hour. Mash the cheese with a fork. Since it is high in protein and also has some fat, you can make the smoothie by blitzing goat cheese and low fat milk in desired proportion and add chopped pistachios on top or blend them in.

5.         Green Smoothie:

A green smoothie looks very healthy, but most of us are averted from the typical bitter taste of it. But this green smoothie is a delicious blend of green, leafy vegetables like kale, spinach and delicious ingredients like Greek yoghurt and almond butter. The Greek yogurt is a great source of protein. To add extra protein boost, you can also add a tablespoon of organic whey powder.

6.         Fruity Protein Smoothie:

If you have no problem with protein powders, you can easily whip up smoothies by adding a lot of fruits to make it extra nutritious and extra delicious. Whip up the basic smoothie with a little bit of soy or almond milk and vanilla protein powder. Now add your favorite fruits, cut up in chunks. You can add mangoes, oranges or peaches and strawberry.

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