Top 5 Things Probably You Didn’t Know About Motherhood


If you and your spouse have been considered getting pregnant, then know this – you’re embarking on one of the most beautiful journeys of your life. It is not always going to be easy, but it will be the most enriching and satisfying “job” there can ever be. Most moms around will tell you the joy they experience every day, but they tend to leave out the quirky and not-so-fun bits. Here is a peek into some of the things that most moms leave out from their motherhood stories:

  1. You Will Learn To Sing And Dance: With your little angel in your arms, you will do everything to soothe him when he is sad or hurt – tell him a story or hum your favorite jingle. When it is his bedtime, and he is still wide-eyed, turning on the music or singing to him while you cradle him is going to start to become a routine. You might soon begin to dance around to amuse him when he is bored in his crib. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never sung a song or did the jive before. You’ll be surprised the things you will do to keep your little man happy.
  1. Moms Always Put Their Kid First: Gone are the days when you will just worry about what to cook for dinner – get a takeout, order in, or throw something together in the kitchen. You will be more concerned about baby-proofing your house, infections like the flu and diaper rashes. Your little one is going to make up the larger chunk of your life and experience. He is your most precious gift, and you will put most of your energy into his well-being and happiness.
  1. Moms Never Stop Worrying: With your little guy around the house, you are likely to call your mom up more often and ask for her advice. While on these calls, you are sure to discover that your mom never stopped worrying for your well-being. She used to worry when you were a toddler; it continued when you went out on your first date, and she still worries when you have to change your baby’s diapers. Also, as much as you keep reminding yourself that you are unlike your mom, trust me, you are. You also know how comforting your mom’s hug is, even after she has let go; trust your kid to feel similarly.
  1. Your Little One Will Not Stop Amusing You: Don’t be under the impression that there is no return on the investment you are making. It is true that your little one’s happiness may become the more important topic in the household, but you will also be rewarded generously for it. Your little guy will never cease to amuse you as he discovers and begins to understand the mechanics of the world around him. The smile on his face and glint of curiosity in his eyes will be rewards enough for you.
  1. You Can Bid A Clean Living Room Goodbye: With the little tyke bringing the house down, it is highly unlikely that you will get to keep your house in top shape. Your living room is going to be strewn with his toys, so be careful where you step. As he grows old, the scenario is going to change – toys are going to be replaced by his school bag lying on the couch and socks on its arms. You will learn to live with it, and slowly he will learn to clean up after himself. Just give it some time – a few years at best.

Raising a child is going to be your best lesson in patience. Your little one might sometimes drive you up against a wall, at other times, he will be the reason for inexplicable joy. Motherhood is, in other words, as much an experience as it is an emotion felt deeply. So let this feeling consume you for it will leave you richer every day.

Aradhana Pandey
I’m Aradhana. I am a passionate writer and love to write on topics like yoga, wellness, health and lifestyle. I believe good health is the key to success and happiness. Through my writings I love to motivate people to develop healthy habits and adopt natural ways of living to achieve sound health. In my free time I love to experiment on new cuisines and travelling.