Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Practicing Yoga Today


Why You Should be Practicing Yoga

Yoga has been growing in popularity over the past decade, as more and more people find it an interesting and accessible way to work in some stretching and exercise. If you have yet to be convinced by what yoga has to offer, then here are five reasons why you should change your mind and start practicing yoga today.

  1. Improve your posture

Yoga is a great way to counteract the posture problems that often follow modern day desk jobs. If office life has left you with more aches and pains than you care to count, then yoga is a great way to fight the problem and get yourself feeling great again. In yoga, posture is everything and therefore it is unsurprising that yoga postures or asanas can really help straighten out your own posture and fix back pain and other posture related problems.

2.  Aid your circulation

Most people do not think of yoga as a form of aerobic exercise and often see it as an easy (and therefore unworthy) form of exercise. However, true yogis will know that yoga is actually a great full body workout and any good yoga class will leave your brow sweaty and pulse racing. Because of this, yoga is a great way to get your circulation going and ensure that your cardiovascular health stays on top form.

  1. Keep your joints healthy

Healthy joints are the key to enjoying your later life. If you want to remain mobile and fit in your old age, treat your joints well right now. Yoga increases the flexibility of your joints and ensures they remain well oiled and supple as you get older. It is also for this reason that many seasoned athletes like long distance runners take up yoga: it strengthens their tormented joints and helps avoid injuries. All in all, yoga is a great way of making sure that your key joints stay in excellent shape.

4.  De-stress your mind

Yoga isn’t just good for your physical health, but also your mental and spiritual health. Yoga requires intensive focus on your breathing as you hold positions and move from posture to posture, and that kind of focus can really clarify the mind and de-stress your body. While modern day yoga tends to focus on the athletic side, there is also an accompanying philosophical and spiritual side to yoga that should not be forgotten.

  1. Challenge yourself

Yoga is all about working towards small goals and challenging yourself day by day, week by week. If you dedicate yourself, then it is easy to make gains. Many people don’t do yoga because they think they aren’t naturally flexible enough, but in reality, anybody can benefit from yoga whether they are naturally supple or not. In fact, those who are the least naturally flexible have the most to gain. Instead of making excuses, try out a yoga class today. You’ll be surprised at what your body can do.

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