Top 5 Incredible Home Remedies for Water in Ears


It is highly certain that almost all of people used to go down to the trouble that water going inside their ears. This phenomenon can take place during the time you swim, have a shower, etc. Obviously, water in ears can lead to your unexpected, uncomfortable feeling as well as the state of being inside a well, which is terrible. In general, this problem will go away without leaving any side effects. However, in some special cases, it may trigger you to suffer from the loss of hearing. More seriously, in case it is left treated improperly, it is easy for you to deal with many other dangerous problems including ear pain or also ear infection.

In this article, the author focuses on providing readers with simple tips for removing water in ears effectively without pouring much time, money as well as energy.

1. Salt

It is said that salt it one of the best ingredients making it possible to deal with water in ears well. Facts have shown that saltly is capable of absorbing water effectively, making it an ideal solution to this trouble. In the mean time, salt may also provide instant relief from ear pain.

–  Heat some salt in a microwave

– Place it in a cotton cloth before wrapping it tight

– Put this into your affected area during 2-3 minutes

Let consult other effects of salt at Health Benefits of Salt.

2. Olive Oil

More than a cooking ingredient and a secret behind the long-lasting beauty of many women, olive oil can do well at treating water inside your ears. This ability is attributed to its loading with antiseptic qualities.

– Warm up a small amount of olive oil before placing it into a bowl

– Gently put a tiny drop of olive oil into your affected ears

– Leave it on 10 minutes

– Have the oil removed, using a soft ear bud

3. Garlic

It seems that no one finds unfamiliar with the appearance of garlic in our kitchen. In fact, people have been using garlic for the treatment of many issues including the problem of water inside ears. Not only can garlic decrease ear pain, but it may also prevent you from suffering from ear infection.

– Have garlic juice by extracting some garlic cloves

– Put it into your ear, using 1-2 drops

You can also learn more about garlic’s effects at Health Benefits of Garlic.

4. Blow Dryer

Another way which is really effective in removing water from ears is making use of a blow dryer. By steaming water, a blow dryer will naturally make it dissipate out of the ear.

– Gently have your ear pulled away from your body

– Let the blow dryer away from your ears

– Try to keep the airflow low, directly allow it to go into your ears

– Leave it on 30 seconds

– Do the process repeatedly

5. Gravity

In case you find that the above-mentioned methods do not meet your requirement, it is suggested that you lean on the assistance of gravity.

– Get your head tilted sideways

– Hold your ears so that the water can go parallel with the ground

– Have your palm hand put against your ears before putting it hard

– Wait for some seconds


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