Top 5 Herbs for the Healthy Heart


Toning the body is typically done by performing physical workouts. However, various herbs will work to strengthen, nourish, and support the body from the inside. There are 5 herbs for the healthy heart that every person should know.

Cacao is a herb contains theobromine. This substance has long been considered a mild stimulant and as a tonic for the heart. Cacao is a herb that contains an assortment of flavanols, which help to improve the way blood vessels will function. One main aspect to keep in mind about Cacao is not products that may include this herb are the same. Chocolate bars that include Cacao are not the same as having raw Cacao.

This is an Indian spice that is commonly used when cooking meals. Taking this herb as a supplement is a great way to tone, stimulate, and strengthen the heart. Balancing circulation and helping to calm any heart palpitations are other significant benefits. The best option is to start with just ½ a teaspoon and mix it to any type of juice. If the spice is too much, then start with a smaller amount.

The use of garlic as a therapeutic plant has been recognized by various ancient cultures. The Egyptians discovered this herb could be used to treat over 200 medical issues. One clove of garlic consumed every day will help to increase good cholesterol and inhibit bad cholesterol. Individuals who prefer a capsule will need to take one to two for a minimum of 600 mg.

This herb is a great option to improve blood supply and oxygen in the body when used as a tonic. Most people will begin to see results after a couple of months. The availability of flavonoids will help reduce free radicals in the body that can damage small capillary vessels. Individuals also benefit by seeing a reduction in cholesterol, more normal blood pressure, and decreased fat deposits in the aorta. If this is a good option, then take no less than 15 drops of this tincture up to three times each day.

Nervous tension that causes a racing heart was a common condition treated using this herb. Taking this herb long-term will help to reduce clog formation, lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels, and be an ideal way to help strengthen the heart. This herb should be prepared as a tea. Add at least ½ a teaspoon of this herb to 5 OZ of boiling water. Let the herb boil for at least five minutes. Take a drink throughout the day.

Most herbs that are healthy for the heart can be found at any local health store. Another option that is a good solution is to look for a supply of herbs on the Internet.

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