Top Five Amazing Health Benefits of Alfalfa



Alfalfa, also known as Lucerne, is a plant whose roots in below the ground about 20 – 30 feet and contains plenty of nutrients not only in the root but also on the surface itself. Alfalfa is well – known for its nutritious elements, vitamins, minerals as well as other nutrients that provide sufficient strength as well as enhance the development of a healthy body. Since it originates from a germinated alfalfa seed, it should be harvested before become fully mature. In culinary aspects, it can be consumed with soups, sandwiches or be added to salads to enhance the taste. Besides, in medical aspects, it is filled with great medical benefits due to its process of growing. It consists of protein, vitamin A, B1, B6, E, K as well as vitamin C. Plus, a high amount of calcium, potassium iron and other minerals like zinc and carotene is found in this sprout as well.


  1. Lower the risk of Breast Cancer

Alfalfa is known to be a major source of isoflavones and other phytoestrogens. Those are properties that imitate human hormone a the consumption of alfalfa sprout on a regular basis is shown to reduce the risk of death and repetitiveness of breast cancer. See more home remedies for breast cancer here: Home Remedies for Breast Cancer

  1. Mimic Menopause Symptoms and Surplus Menstruation

Due to a high amount of vitamin K and phytoestrogen found in alfalfa, women are now helped with reduction of those symptoms associated with menopause and menstruation. As vitamin K work as a blood – clotting substance, it is useful to prevent the excessive bleeding. Moreover, the coordination between vitamin K and phytoestrogen has a significant impact on stimulating estrogen, thus give a hand to lower the PMS and any other symptoms of menopause.

  1. Stop Osteoporosis

Vitamin K found in alfalfa is known to possess an incredible ability to build bones thus, stop osteoporosis. Besides, vitamin K is necessary for the body to make use of calcium, the primary element in bones. Due to the increasing understanding of the advantages of vitamin K and those current researchers about the relation between bone health and vitamin K, the daily recommendation of utilization of vitamin K raise up to 50%. Lastly, manganese, another vital nutrient which is known to have a significant impact against osteoporosis has been found in alfalfa.

  1. Reduce Blood Glucose Amount and Cure Diabetes

Although there is no exact treatment for diabetes currently, reduce the symptoms of this diseases naturally can be attained using a diet. Several studies have shown that alfalfa sprouts contain some a properties such as anti – diabetic that will eventually reduce the blood sugar level. Since it is helpful in stimulating the blood glucose amount, alfalfa sprout is essentially effect in treating diabetes. Plus, alfalfa sprout helps to reduce the dependency on insulin as well. See more here: How to Lower Blood Sugar

  1. Contain full of antioxidants and other anti – aging properties

Studies have been conducted to prove that alfalfa sprouts contain a high amount of anti – oxidants compounds which will assist our cells from being attacked by other foreign bacteria as well as another fungus. Anti – oxidant compounds found in alfalfa properties is known to possess the ability to enhance better health and blocking a great deal of diseases and sickness like a heart attack or cancer. A study conducted in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that high amount of vitamin K not only reduce the vitamin K deficiency but also help to stop diseases associated with aging.

In fact, alfalfa sprout is available in most supermarkets or food markets. The freshness in root and stem are the necessary requirements when choosing alfalfa. Moreover, you should wash them thoroughly at least 3 times before cooking to guarantee that there are no germs or worms in the leaves. Alfalfa is good for soups, sandwiches or can be added to salad. Enjoy your meal!!!


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