Top 4 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar can make your life better


Anyone who’s a fan of natural living blogs, social media sites or e-magazines has probably read a lot about apple cider vinegar. And there is good reason for this. The combination of minerals, vitamins, acids, probiotic bacteria and other healthy ingredients in this amazing condiment make it a virtual panacea and it seems as though there is no end to the number of conditions that it can be useful for. But it doesn’t stop with just health benefits for the body. Apple cider vinegar is also extremely useful around the house and yard for a variety of reasons and it is becoming increasingly popular on natural living sites due to the fact that it can be used instead of many common household cleaners and is even useful in the yard as a substitute for pesticides and other treatments. Read on to find out more!

Neutralize odors

Does something in the house just not smell right? Between pet odor, mold and other unwelcome smells in the house, the air can feel not so fresh at times! A great way to take care of this is to leave an open bowl of apple cider vinegar wherever there is an odor to help neutralize the problem. It can also be spritzed lightly onto curtains, carpets, etc., to help deodorize them.

Kills weeds

If dandelions and other weeds are a problem, don’t reach for the commercial herbicides! Even the ones that claim to be “safe” can leave residues that will last for years and for households with children or pets (who both like to roll around in the grass), these products are even bigger no-no’s. As an alternative, simply spray apple cider vinegar onto the weeds in question: the acidity will help kill them off in a safe and eco-friendly way.

Tones the skin

Using diluted apple cider vinegar and applying it with a cotton ball daily is a great toner for the skin: it will help to unclog pores, prevents acne due to its ability to kill off bacteria and balance the pH of the skin. Its minerals and vitamins also help to nourish the skin and promote its overall health.

Nourishes the hair and scalp

A dry, itchy flaky scalp and dull hair are not fun problems to deal with! Apple cider vinegar can help with this, though. There are two good ways to use it. One way is simply to make a rinse with one part ACV to four parts water and rinse the hair with it once a week. The other is to mix up a half-and-half solution and spray it on the hair twice a week, then leave it in for up to an hour before rinsing it and then shampooing as normal. The last twice weekly spray treatment is particularly good for dandruff.

In short, it is easy to see why apple cider vinegar is so incredible when it comes to the health of the body as well as the health of the home. The uses for ACV are virtually endless, and having a bottle around the home is almost a must for those who are trying to live green.


Sandeep Godiyal
Sandeep has written many health field articles for both Internet and print publication. His areas of expertise including traditional medicine, alternative and naturopathic and natural treatments, wellness, medical marijuana, diets and fitness.