Top 4 foods to help prevent gout, alleviate associated pain


Gout, which is marked by severe and often very painful redness, tenderness and swelling typically at the large toe, has been known to become so bothersome that even the mere weight of a sheet can be problematic for some.(1) According to the Mayo Clinic, it mainly affects men, however, an increasing amount of women are susceptible to gout after menopause.(1)

Gout occurs when too much uric acid forms in the blood, producing sharp curate crystals which accumulate in joints and lead to a painful gout attack.(1) Consumption of certain foods such as organ meats and herring may contribute to this problem, worsening inflammation and swelling.

However, many foods can alleviate symptoms or even prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Top 4 foods that can help heal gout naturally

1) Pineapple

A great deal of pineapple’s health benefits come from its anti-inflammatory enzyme, bromelain, which has been cited as being effective in reducing excessive inflammation, as well as some tumor growths and too much blood coagulation.(2)

2) Ginger

Studies have linked consumption of ginger with the ability to reduce inflammation that is related to uric acid buildup, suggesting that eating more of it can help stave off gout attacks.(3)

3) Lemons

There are many health benefits of lemons, and several people enjoy drinking lemon water throughout the day for its refreshing taste and detoxifying effects. When it comes to gout, lemons have been found to be effective; lemon is rich in vitamin C, and research has discovered that people with higher levels of vitamin C have lower incidences of gout attacks.(3)

4) Turmeric

The main ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has been coveted as an anti-inflammatory by many cultures for ages, and has been recognized for its ability to reduce inflammation.(3) So effective is turmeric, that the March 2011 edition of “The Journal of Family Practice” found it beneficial in keeping rheumatoid arthritis inflammation at bay, suggesting that it’s at least at effective as taking ibuprofen.(4)

Several places, such as the University of Maryland Medical Center, even recommend turmeric for gout treatment.(4)

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