Top 3 Health Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice


Aloe vera has been around for ages, always used and referenced in a positive manner.

From the times of Cleopatra, where it was used to protect from the sun to the fact that it’s mentioned in the Bible, it’s no wonder that the beneficial plant is found in a bevy of products today.

However, the amount of aloe vera that makes its way into today’s products typically comprise just a mere 1 – 2 percent of its helpful insides. Considering that the gel inside the leaf contains 200 active enzymes, at least 75 nutrients, 12 vitamins, 20 minerals and 18 amino acids, why settle for a small percentage of it?(1,2)

There’s a better way to reap the benefits of the aloe vera plant: enjoy eating it raw!

Husband and wife raw foodists, known as Ronnie and Minh on their YouTube channel, explain just how easy it is to make a juice using the gel of an aloe vera plant:

Healing from the Inside as Well as the Outside

It’s pretty common knowledge that the aloe vera gel inside the plant’s leaves have healing properties. Squeezing some out and applying to sunburned or cut skin offers soothing relief that helps the healing process. However, Ronnie explains that while topical application is certainly helpful, many people don’t often consider how it can benefit the inside of the body. He says that it’s there where aloe vera’s “most magical” effects take place, stating that he and his wife always feel amazing when consuming juices made with it.

Just as when applying to the skin, Ronnie says that ingesting it provides healing properties. “The exact same thing happens on the inside of your body,” he says. “Aloe vera knows exactly what to do and your body knows exactly what to do with it and it will start healing and it will start protecting.”(2)

Indeed, the benefits of consuming raw aloe juice are plenty.

Top 3 Health Benefits of Consuming Raw Aloe Juice

1. Boosts Immunity

Whether we’re super busy looking for holiday presents, birthday gifts, or just run down from a hectic family and work-life schedule, sometimes our immune system gets thrown out of whack.

Guess what comes to the rescue?

Aloe vera juice is extraordinarily helpful for the immune system as it is made of anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that help to fend off pesky pathogens. Keeping the immune system in check is vital for overall health as a strong-functioning one plays a role in preventing detrimental health conditions from developing or worsening. In fact, research supporting these immune-boosting benefits have been published in the Journal of Environmental Science and Health, noting the plant’s ability to cleanse the body of toxins.(3)

2. Helps Digestion

Another journal, the British Journal of General Practice, also hones in on the healing benefits of ingesting aloe vera juice. It’s been found that doing so lessens irritable bowel syndrome inflammation, helps repair stomach and intestinal ulcers and increases the amount of healthy bacteria which makes the entire digestive process easier.(3)

3. Improve Heart Health

It’s been reported that ingesting aloe vera gel plays a role in improving blood circulation throughout the body and that it might also help reduce fat levels in patients with high cholesterol. These factors lessen the risk of blood clots and other complications that can get in the way of a healthy-functioning heart.(3)

“If there is such a thing as a miracle elixir then aloe vera certainly qualifies,” Ronnie says of its health-boosting abilities. Of his fresh aloe vera and orange juice drink he says it’s “…one of the most healthiest drinks you could ever put inside of your body.”(2)

As with all changes to the diet, Ronnie recommends always checking in first with a medical professional before eating aloe vera gel. He says that the effects of aloe vera juice may vary by each individual’s body, so it’s also important to do research and be sure to find the amount and combinations with other foods (he often enjoys his with fresh-squeezed orange juice as the YouTube video shows) that work best for you.

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