Top 10 Worst Foods For Your Metabolism


What are the worst foods for your metabolism? In essence, the metabolism is related to the processes of using or converting energy in our bodies. Your metabolism will slow when you get older. In fact, not all food is created equally. While some foods do not change metabolism, others may impact negatively or slow it down. It means that your own ability of burning calories will reduce, so you do not have to eat much during the day. Obviously, you may not realize that and end up eating too much. As a result, you find it hard to maintain a healthy weight. If you really want to keep your metabolism healthy, there are certain foods you should avoid.

Now, we reveal to you 10 worst foods for your metabolism. Stay away from these food items to keep your metabolism stable and strong.

List Of 10 Worst Foods For Your Metabolism

  1. Fruit Juice

In contrast to popular belief, not just fat in your diet is the culprit making your waist bigger, but the hidden sugar. Drinking too much fruit juice may destroy your body and wreck your metabolism in a few ways, such as causing cravings, inflammation and sluggishness. Fruit juices that have too much sugar are far worse for your metabolism when the fruit comes without the fiber in the pulp. The fiber can keep natural sugars stable. Without it, natural sugars will go straight into your bloodstream, causing an increase in blood sugar levels. As a result, your metabolism is impacted.

  1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has plenty of benefits, but we tend to consume it too much. Nuts could be healthy if consumed in moderate amounts; however, they are also rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which the majority of us already consume too much of. Peanut butter often has a fungus named aflatoxins, which destroy your gut health. Of course, once a certain body part is damaged, the others of the body have to work harder. Consequently, your body cannot digest the food to provide the metabolism with the essential calories.

  1. Processed Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils like safflower, canola, or sunflower oil are one of worst foods for your metabolism due to some reasons. They are high sources of omega-6, which are pro-inflammatory. Consuming them is correlated with obesity. Moreover, omega-6 fatty acids enhance insulin resistance. This is a process in which the human body turns consumed carbs into fat. Unhealthy fats, such as certain vegetable oils, destroy the thyroid and endocrine system. Low energy and a slow metabolism usually follow on from consuming foods containing or cooked in vegetable oils.

  1. White Bread

Simple carbohydrates like white bread are prone to be broken down by the human body as the fiber has been eliminated during processing. The body, as a result, does not have to burn extra calories in order to break down such easy-to-digest foods, thereby making your metabolism operate at a slower level.

  1. Granola

To increase your metabolism, you should avoid eating too much granola. Granola is often sky-high in sugar, process grains and calories. Just ½ cup serving of this food could set you back over 250 calories. It seems not to make you feel satisfied or full for a long time. Another problem is that the honey used in granola is highly processed and may be a main cause of weight gain. This treat is not helpful for your diet goals and metabolism as well. An excellent replacement to the commercially sold granola is homemade sprouted granola. This will not only provide you with more healthy fats, fiber and protein while significantly cutting back on fake flavoring agents and added sugar.

  1. Artificial Sweeteners

Among worst foods for your metabolism, artificial sweeteners which include sucralose and aspartame may be the most unexpected. Manufacturers of these food items tell the lie that people could satisfy their sweet tooth without taking any calories. Nonetheless, the aspartame is associated with many adverse health effects, such as premature aging, changed brain antioxidant status, apoptotic changes, etc.

The sucralose and aspartame could stimulate your appetite and cravings for carbs. An example of artificial sweeteners is diet soda. According to a MESA study, consuming only one diet soda per day increased the potential risk for weight gain and increased waist line significantly.

  1. Farmed Beef

Conventionally farmed beef possesses more antibiotics than the grass-fed ones. They have a harmful effect on the good gut bacteria. Due to change in gut bacteria, it impacts negatively the way we process food and increases the risk for weight gain. Therefore, you had better choose grass-fed meat instead of farmed meat to maintain a healthy metabolism.

  1. Conventional Apples

We all know that: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, nowadays there is a certain type of fungicide used on fresh fruits and veggies result in weight gain. So, maybe a piece of fruit also impairs your weight loss goals. To avoid this, you should limit your exposure to pesticides by purchasing the organic versions of fruits and vegetables. Besides, you need to wash all fruits and vegetable carefully before consuming.

  1. Traditional Yogurt

Greek yogurt provides a lot of metabolism-boosting benefits due to its high content of probiotics and protein. However, traditional yogurt is not well worth it. It contains little to no probiotics in compared with Greek yogurt. Furthermore, this alternative has too much added sugar as well as fruit puree. They are rapidly digested, causing an increase in blood sugar and leaving you craving more simple carbs. As a result, you gain weight.

  1. Regular Sea Salt

When it comes to worst foods for your metabolism, regular sea salt may surprise you. Sodium chloride, aka salt, lurks in a host of foods you eat. It causes a spike in blood volume, thereby putting a lot of extra burden on your kidneys. When these organs slow, you will be slow your metabolic rate. Therefore, instead of using regular sea salt, you can opt for iodized salt as an alternative. It has a positive effect on the thyroid and metabolism as well. Without enough iodine, your thyroid cannot function well and it is more difficult for your body to burn extra fat.


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