Top 10 Reasons to Enjoy Pomelos


Pomelos, a citrus fruit closely related to the grapefruit, are native to Malaysia and cultivated throughout Southeast Asia, where they are immensely popular. In the US, they are most grown in California, Florida and Hawaii. They resemble giant grapefruits in appearance and are prized for their sweet-and-sour flavor and incredibly juicy pulp. They go by many colorful names, including Bali lemon, Chinese grapefruit and pulmetto.

While pomelos have not quite caught on in the United States in the same way as oranges, lemons or other citrus fruits, they are definitely worth trying out and are every bit as nutritious as other members of the citrus family. Below are ten reasons why everyone should want to try pomelos!

Great Flavor

Pomelos have a wonderful flavor, tangy like grapefruits but a bit sweeter and they are excellent as an accompaniment to breakfast. When juiced, pomelo adds zing to smoothies, salsas and sauces.

Low Calorie and Fat Content

This fruit is low in calories, clocking in at only 72 calories for a one-cup serving and it is also naturally fat-free. This makes it a great choice for dieters.


Like grapefruits, pomelos are also high in good-quality dietary fiber, bringing in around 8% of the recommended daily intake in just one serving. This aids weight loss, heart health and digestion.

High in Vitamin C

Like all citrus fruits, pomelo is rich in Vitamin C  a single serving brings in a 193% of what is needed for the day! Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant and strengthens the immune system.

Heart Healthy

Pomelos are also high potassium, a nutrient which plays an important role in heart health, as it moderates the effects of sodium and helps to keep blood pressure in normal range.

Fights Cancer

In China, many dishes contain the rind of pomelo as well, since it is rich in bioflavonoids and other active compounds which have been shown to reduce cancer risk.

Rich in Antioxidants

Pomelos, like other citrus fruit, contain many powerful antioxidants which are believed to help protect against certain chronic conditions like heart disease and cancer.

Anti-Aging Properties

Pomelos are the only known fruit to contain a compound called spermidine which, as the name suggests, is also found in human sperm and is thought to be able to slow down the aging process.

Medicinal Value

Pomelos are used for their medicinal properties throughout Southeast Asia. Ailments they are used to treat include coughs, sores and edema; they also are purported to be a great cure for hangovers!

Accessibility and Storage

Pomelos are pretty widely available nowadays, not only in health food or ethnic food stores but in mainstream groceries as well. They also can store for a long time – if refrigerated — without fear of spoiling.

So try one of these gentle giants today the flavor, juiciness and all the health benefits that pomelo bring with them make it more than worth the while.


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