Top 10 Premature Aging Causes You Really Need to Know


Everyone is going to get older. Some people age more gracefully then others. Some people show signs of aging before others day. There are then things that cause a person to prematurely age and wrinkles and fine line on their face.

Sitting in the Sun
While many people like to tan and sit out in the sun it is not good for their skin. In addition to increase the risk for skin cancer the sun can reduce the elasticity of skin, increase the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. It fact 70% of aging depends on our exposure to sunlight. The collagen in the skin become fragile and the basic structure is destroyed. The skin is not able to fix itself and begins to sag.

In addition to being bad for the lungs smoking cigarettes is bad for the skin. Fine lines appear on the skin 10-15 years before they normally would appear. Smoking reduces the amount of Vitamin C in the blood. Vitamin C is used to produce collage which helps keep the skin’s elasticity. Without a sufficient amount of collage the skin will start to wrinkle.

Low Protein, High Simple Carbs
Eating a balanced diet is very important. Simple sugars and other carbohydrates cause the connective tissue in the skin to be fragile and break easily. Protein is needed to increase collagen production as well. With a high carb diet the skin will break and with low protein the skin will not be able to repair itself.

Not Enough Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and vegetables provide much needed antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables are used by the deeper layers of the skin to fight off daily damage. They also contain a high amount of Vitamin C needed for collagen production. This will also help the body repair damages. Without these vitamins and minerals the body will not be able to health properly. Vitamins are needed to keep other areas of the body healthy as well. If a person is not getting enough of these vitamins there will not be enough to be distributed to the skin.

Too much emotional stress produces high levels of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones break down connection tissue which speeds up the aging process. Stress can also lead to overeating which leads to additional fat cells in the face. Stress can also lead to inactivity which can lead to other health conditions. This can damage the structure of the cells.

Too Many Facial Movements
Some people are very animated when they talk. Exaggerated facial expressions cause lines and wrinkles. Frowning often can cause the onset of frown lines. Raising the eyebrows too often can cause wrinkles in the forehead. Smiling uses less muscles so this is another reason to smile often.

Lack of Sleep
Sleep allows growth hormones to be released even in adults. The hormones will help new skin cells grow. Without resting the body will not be able to produce new cells. Like the brain the cells will become tired and worn. This will cause them to lose elasticity. Lack of sleep will slow down this process causing the skin to become older, lack moisture, and show signs of wrinkles.

Alcohol damages the texture of the skin and causes the eyes to develop deep sockets. The body has to break down toxins from the alcohol in the deeper layers of the skin. The skin also dries out since alcohol sucks all the moisture out of the skin cells. This causes redness and wrinkles.

Depression is a serious problem. This condition stops the growth of new cells and causes the cells we have to die early. The body is not able to regenerate cells at the rate that is needs to. Depression can also lead to poor sleeping habits, overeating, and lack of sleep.

These are the top ten conditions to premature aging. If you are suffering from any one of these conditions it is important to take necessary changes for your health and your appearance. There are many help groups and support out these to make these changes. Taking simple steps and leading a healthy lifestyle will not only help you feel better but it will help you look better as well.

Claire John
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