Top 10 Amazing Benefits of Pink (Himalayan) Salt


Salt is an essential mineral that our bodies require. Without it, our bodies develop deficiencies as it becomes chemically imbalanced. Our nervous system, muscles and the entire body eventually weaken.There are varieties of different kinds of salt from sea salt to white salt,  but there is one that provides benefits to the body and it is known as, “Pink Himalayan Salt.” This salt has been found to contain many beneficial minerals that are essential to our bodies.

Origin of Pink Himalayan Salt

From its origin which is the Himalayan Mountain, about 200 million years back, crystallized sea beds of salt covered with lava were discovered. The salt is said to have been kept in a pristine surrounding where it was untouched hence protected from any pollution found in the modern day. The salt was constantly enveloped by ice and snow causing people to believe that the pink salt was the purest kind found on Earth.

Why is the salt believed to be beneficial to the body?

Pink Himalayan Salt contains many minerals as it was naturally formed. The salt is made up of 85.62% of Sodium Chloride as well as 14.38 of other mineral traces such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulphate, borate, fluoride, bromide, iron and bicarbonate. Hence, due to these minerals the salt provides the following healing benefits to our bodies:

  1. Lowers blood pressure: Pink Himalayan Salt is a natural source of sodium which assists in the regulation of blood pressure as well as help to control contraction of muscles, nerves transmissions and effective heart functions
  2. Balancing the PH levels of the body: The salt helps in promoting a proper balance between your alkaline and acid levels. This helps the body to relax and assist in the reduction of acid reflex in the body.
  3. Regulates the water in the body: Himalayan salt will regulate the content of water outside and inside of the cells. It also assists in the increase in hydration in the body ensuring that the body has enough water.
  4. Relaxes the body and boosts energy levels: The salt creates an electrolyte balance. When your body starts to feel fatigued, you can restore it using the Pink Himalayan Salt as it will replenish your body fast.
  5. Effectively detoxifies the body: Your body requires water and salt to detox. This salt acts as a vehicle to transfer toxins from cells to the bloodstreams and then its later eliminates the toxins from the body.
  6. Banishes respiratory problem: When the salt is mixed with hot water, it eliminates and helps to improve respiratory conditions such as asthma. It helps to prevent cramping of the muscles and also help muscles to relax to breathing is easier.
  7. Improves sleep: By using the Pink Himalayan Salt, you will sleep properly as it will improve both the body and mind conditions. When your muscles are properly relaxed and your mind at ease, your sleep becomes healthier.
  8. Improves blood circulation: The salt will help to eliminate any form of damage in the arteries that can cause more severe conditions such as the varicose vein.
  9. Prevents Goiter: The salt prevents Goiter a condition brought by lack of iodine in the body. The salt provides more than just iodine to aid in good health.
  10. Strengthen the bones: With calcium and other minerals essential to the body, the salt helps to strengthen and build up healthy bones among other numerous benefits.

End Thoughts

With its natural quality, Pink Himalayan Salt cannot compare to any other salt due to its various healing properties to the body. Therefore, start using this remedy in your diet to improve your health today.


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