Tooth Remineralization 101: Never Sit In Another Dentist’s Chair Again


About seven months ago, I walked out of a dental office with a pretty serious quote for dental work that was needed on 8 different cavities they found in my teeth. I was confused. I eat a pretty healthy diet. How could my teeth have cavities? I brush and I floss every day. How could this happen?

I told my dentist that I had heard about the “remineralization” of teeth and even curing tooth decay and cavities with certain staples in your diet, and asked him his opinion on the subject. Of course, like any conventional dentist, he had never heard of it. I’m pretty sure he even offered me fluoride treatments at that point. After that, I stopped asking questions, scheduled an appointment to have all of the cavities filled, and left somewhat upset and unsatisfied.

When I got home, I began researching natural ways to heal your teeth. I read the book “Cure Tooth Decay: Heal & Prevent Cavities with Nutrition” by Ramiel Nagel, and learned about healing and remineralization of teeth with a good diet. My mind was completely blown. I could actually heal my own cavities without spending thousands at the dentist? I can actually heal my cavities and remineralize my teeth with a proper diet? No more needles or drills in my mouth? Count me in!

To completely understand how to heal your own cavities, we need to look at what causes tooth decay.

Lack of Nutrition is the Root of Tooth Decay

Dr. Weston A. Price, who is a prominent dentist and author of “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,” took it upon himself to attempt to discover a cure for tooth decay in 1915. Dr. Price studied large groups of people from different areas of the world. He performed field studies in numerous indigenous areas (where modern floss and even toothbrushes are unheard of) and what he discovered in these countries was astounding.

His conclusion:

“All groups having a liberal supply of minerals, particularly phosphorus, and a liberal supply of fat-soluble activators, had 100% immunity to dental problems.”

Dr. Price determined that standard tooth decay was indeed due to a lack of nutrients in the modern diet, and that the modern diet doesn’t even meet the minimum proper nutrient intake standards. (1)

Tooth Decay: The 2 Major Culprits

1.) Lack of Activator X in the Diet – Dr. Price found that Activator X, which is a hormone that is similar to vitamin D, was a key nutrient missing in modern diets. Activator X can be found in grassfed dairy from animals that are grazing on green grass that grows rapidly (grass grown from May – September). Butter that has a deep orange or yellow color offers more Activator X and is produced from grassfed milk. (1)

2.) Lack of Adequate Fat-Soluble Vitamins in the Diet – Fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A, D, E, and K are found within fat. Unfortunately, with the low-fat lifestyles most of us live by, we are deprived of these essential vitamins. Dr. Price concluded that all of the indigenous areas that he studied had the highest immunity to tooth decay. How? Because they ate foods regularly that were high in fat. Their diets consisted of meat and organs from land animals, shellfish, and fish, all containing generous amounts of fat-soluble vitamins.

Other Notable Culprits Include:

  • Lack of Proper Minerals in the Diet – Phosporus and Calcium are both vital in tooth remineralization, and their levels within the blood should be balanced.
  • Hormones are Out of Balance – When your endocrine glands are out of balance, you become more susceptible to tooth decay. Common influences for hormone issues include birth control pills, prescription medications, and other toxic/or stress factors.
  • Too Much Phytic Acid from Grains in the Diet – Before the cultivation of corn, rice, and grains, human fossil records show that tooth decay was virtually unheard of. Phytic acid is found in significant amounts within corn, rice, nuts, beans, legumes, seeds and grains.

The Missing Link in Our Diet

The lack of these fat-soluble vitamins is the main cause of tooth decay. You need good amounts of both vitamin A and D, as well as Activator X to properly reverse tooth decay. The easiest and most effective way to add these fat-soluble vitamins to your diet is by adding in fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil (1).

Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FCLO) – Fermented cod liver oil is the oil that is pressed from the liver of fresh cod, which is very rich in vitamins A and D. The majority of cod liver oils on the market make their oil by distilling it instead of fermenting it. Fermented cod liver oil, which is considered a raw food, is made from cod liver that has never been heated and is carefully filtered to keep the natural occurring vitamins in tact. Fermented cod liver oil is at the top of the food chain with the highest levels of vitamin A and vitamin D.

High Vitamin Butter Oil (HVBO) – High vitamin butter oil is the oil that is extracted from the deep yellow butter fat from grassfed cows by centrifuging it into a concentrated oil. HVBO is extremely potent in its levels of both vitamin K2 and Activator X. Other sources that are high in Activator X are the innards of lobster and crab, bone marrow, skate liver oil, and animal glands.

I found that LiveSuperfoods sells a Fermented Cod Liver Oil and Butter Oil Blend in a capsule form. Though I haven’t used it myself, it seems like a way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Ever since that day at the dentist when I was told I had 8 cavities, I have been persistent in pursuing the healing of all of my teeth. I’m proud to say that I cancelled my appointment to have my cavities filled, and began my personal journey into curing tooth decay naturally with proper nutrition. 7 months later, I can say with a smile on face, I’ll never sit in another dentist’s chair again.

How Did I Get Cavities?

My overall diet was lacking the fat-soluble vitamins that are found in fermented cod liver oil and high vitamin butter oil. Since then, I have been taking this powerful duo, and giving it to the rest of my family for added nutrition. For more than a year, I had been dairy-free and didn’t focus on my intake of phosphorus and calcium. Since learning about tooth decay, I have added raw milk from grassfed cows into my diet.

Most likely, I had been consuming higher amounts of phytic acid in seeds and nuts. Since learning about my cavities, I have minimized my intake of both, and have become persistent about properly soaking them to help neutralize the phytic acid.

What I’ve Been Doing to Heal Tooth Decay

  • I take fermented cod liver oil on a daily basis. I take 1 teaspoon every day. Personally, I prefer the cinnamon tingle flavor in liquid form, and the kids prefer the same with a little raw honey.
  • I take high vitamin butter oil in capsule form every day.
  • I take fermented skate liver oil in capsule form every day.
  • I drink about 3 cups of raw milk per day.
  • I oil pull with coconut oil every day. (2 tablespoons in your mouth, swish around for 15-20 minutes)
  • I don’t use any toothpastes with glycerin, because it counteracts remineralization.

Take Action

You don’t need to be a slave to your dentist anymore. I remember how much it cost to fill one tooth, let alone get a root canal or implant. It seems the more we dig for the truth, for the natural treatment as opposed to the western medicine treatment of prescriptions and metaphoric band-aids, we begin to see the light for ourselves. I’m proud to have discovered that with the right nutrition, your body is the strongest machine on the planet, and can heal itself. You just have to be diligent about what you put in it.

Take care of your body, and it will take care of you.

Share with friends and family, and maybe change someone’s life who’s struggling with dental issues.

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