Todays All Natural Beauty Products are Better Than Ever!


What if we lived back in the 1900’s, when ladies would use items from their pantries to cleanse, scrub and moisturize? First of all, it wouldn’t be called ‘organic’ beauty care. It would just be called ‘beauty care’. Just as with food, there was a time not that long ago when all-natural and organic food, beauty care and even health care was the norm. Modern times have seen changes to many products that we use daily. In many cases, these changes have been bad for the environment, and our health.

When it comes to beauty care however, some of these negative changes have brought about some extraordinarily good adaptations from good people. Today’s all-natural beauty care is a far cry from what our great grandmothers ever dreamed of! There is a strong and growing group of individuals (and companies) that make extremely powerful products, based on traditional herbal medicine. While many of these products could be used to treat various skin conditions, we’re simply speaking here about the homeostasis of the skin and hair. In other words, we can achieve skin and hair wellness through simple hygiene rituals using herbal properties. Whether discussing herbal medicine or herbal beauty care, the principles are very much the same.

In herbalogy, it all comes down to formulating with purpose. The skin, which is considered an actual organ of the body, needs certain nutrients to be in tip top shape. These nutrients can come from leaves, berries, bark, flowers, and roots. They can come in the form of dried or fresh herbs, as well as extracted through distillation and turned into essential oils and hydrosols. They can be made into butters or oils as well. However you get the properties of the herbs, they are all meant to serve a purpose and promote skin (as well as hair) wellness.

The outstanding benefits of using all-natural formulations are that they work with the skin and hair to beautify, protect, and ultimately add to the good health of the individual. The added benefit is that by using these types of products, we can do our part to reduce our footprint on this earth. When these types of products get washed down the drain they’ll go right back to nature, causing no harm to anyone.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s, the public was brainwashed into thinking that everything modern was an improvement. Beauty companies have been riding this wave of deception for far too long. The people are getting wiser and realizing that this fallacy is causing great harm to our health and our world. The potentially harmful chemicals in these products are found in our bodies, drinking water, land, and throughout rivers, lakes and oceans. If we continue on this path it will only get worse. My question to you is, “Are you still using un-natural beauty products?”, and “If so… why?”.

I appeal to you today to try a healthier way of beautifying and grooming. There are gorgeous all-natural products being made by wonderful people. These products work better than their synthetic counterparts and as mentioned, they’re healthier too. Learn to read ingredients on your moisturizer just as you would your spaghetti sauce. What you put on your body can go into your body. Make this year the year that you look at the beauty products on your shelves with new eyes. The goal is to switch them all out for natural alternatives by the end of this year, if not sooner.

I’d also like to mention that there’s also nothing wrong with making your own products out of items from your pantry like your grandmother did. They are tried and true, and still work well. There’s nothing more potent than fresh enzymes straight from the garden! You’ll find many wonderful homemade beauty recipes in books and online to get started. Once you understand how to make them you’ll be able to come up with many yourself according to what you have on hand. You owe it to yourself to ‘be the change’.

Sharon Houghton, L.E., is Founder & Director of the All Natural Beauty Website  and the ANB Mall. She also sells her own line of all-natural beauty products at The SharAmbrosia All Natural Spa Store.
After providing 30 years of skincare and makeup services for her clientele, Sharon relocated to the east coast and decided to make a real difference. She now enjoys inspiring others to live a healthier all-natural lifestyle.

Sharon Houghton
Sharon Houghton, is Founder & Director
of the All Natural Beauty Website (
and Organic Web Care (
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Sharon enjoys a healthy all-natural lifestyle, and empowering others to do the same.