Tips for How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays


Holiday season is getting near and everyone is preparing for it. It is, certainly a season when food is just about everywhere and it is challenging to stay healthy. Those who are on a diet will have to work on their willpower to stick to it during the holidays. One may think that holidays are hard for those who want to eat healthy; many people don’t realize that even though they find themselves indulging in the most delicious food, they can still eat healthy. Here are some tips how to do that.

1. Can you have one cheat day a year?

If you are on a low-carb diet, allow yourself to have one or two cheat days during the season. Let it be Thanksgiving and Christmas. And follow your low-carb diet during the days in between. When you allow your body to indulge during these cheat days, it is easier to stay truthful to your diet plan during the rest of the days. You are satisfied with the food you’ve craved for long, and it there will be no temptation to continue overeating. If you have constant food cravings, you are more likely that you have emotional issues you need to address.

2. Use your free days to relax

Holiday season is when you have some rest days. It is much more easier to stay healthy when you are not in work mode because you can give all the necessary time for preparation of the healthiest food choices you’ve always wanted but you didn’t have time to prepare them. Furthermore, there is more time to workout, go for a walk, and spend some time resting. All these are healthy habits you can stick to when the holidays are over. Therefore, staying healthy during the holidays is not a difficult task.

3. Healthy Chrismas treats

Sometimes you need to give your body your favorite Christmas treat without counting calories and feeling guilty. Staying healthy is not only about restraining from your favorite food and becoming a strict dieter without taking care of your soul. If you don’t take proper care of it, your brain makes it hard to lose weight. You need to nourish your soul as well as your body. If you let yourself indulge once a year, it wouldn’t do much harm to your health as long as you don’t overeat. A homemade pie and a good puzzle can be your brain’s annual reboot. Plus, you can find many healthy recipes for your favorite Christmas treats using healthy sugars, such as honey or stevia. Thus, you can enjoy your Thanksgiving or Christmas and stay healthy and refreshed after the holidays are over.

4. Outdoor activities

This holiday season is an excellent time for winter activities when you can burn all the extra calories. Skiing and snowboarding are one of the sport activities that you can burn a lot of calories and strengthen your legs and core muscles. Therefore, make this season the healthy one by spending some time doing winter outdoor activities to relieve stress and stay healthy.

5. Healthy socializing

Don’t get carried away with the overdrinking, overeating and extra partying that comes with the holidays. It is unnecessary and unhealthy. Socialize with your family and friends in other ways, like singing, playing the guitar or the piano, dancing, playing outdoor games, puzzles, etc. It is a fun way to build healthy relationships with your closed ones. Thus, you will never lose your willpower to follow your principles and be disciplined during the holidays.