Tips for Dealing with Pregnancy Morning Sickness?


There is no disputing that pregnancy is one of the most amazing times for a mother, as they form that one amazing bond between mother and child that lasts for a lifetime. In as much as this may be a time to enjoy, some issues may crop up and try to ruin the party. One of these cases is morning sickness. This is one of the most commonly occurring issues as pregnancy week by week progresses and ought to be dealt with well so as to have a fun time. Below are some amazing tips that can help one combat this dreadful condition.

Morning sickness is seen in approximately 70% of all pregnant women and is mainly seen at about six weeks and the severity tends to increase as the pregnancy week by week continues. This may bring about a lot of strain and confusion.

One of the first things to do when morning sickness comes about is to stay off work. If you are having one of those mornings when you feel like you do not want to get out of bed as nausea you have and associated morning sickness symptoms are too bad, then just take a day off and get a break. The reason behind this is because morning sickness occurs as the body is working overtime because of the pregnancy week by week. It is even recommended that one should try get a big break from about the seventh to eighth week when the effects of morning sickness tend to peak.
It is also recommended that you strive to be within fresh scents. Morning sickness is highly related to scents. It is for that reason recommended that one strives to be within fresh smells. Since estrogen is high during pregnancy, it tends to heighten the sensation of smell, thus the reason a smell will cause nausea. One should try to carry a bottle of fresh lemon extract or rosemary to help one calm the nausea when an offending smell seems to cause nausea.

It is also highly recommended that you speak your mind. As mentioned above, pregnancy is a time when smells tend to offend a person as the progress of the pregnancy week by week moves along. You may be offended by the scent your hubby wears, the smell of some foods to even the natural scent of a pet. As such, it is important to speak up of what it is that may be causing morning sickness so that the people around you can work towards making a change. This prevents a case where you may find yourself crossing some lines and improving group dynamics to the people you are around during pregnancy.

Another way to track pregnancy week by week cases is to understand and track nausea signs and symptoms. When some effort is put in understanding nausea, one tends to learn that the nausea is not random. IN so doing, you are able to understand the triggers of nausea and ways and means to avoid it, leading to better wellbeing.

Staying hydrated as pregnancy week by week progress is also a great way to avert morning sickness. Taking the recommended 8 glasses of water a day or more tends to help the stomach to be grounded and not keep turning any time some offending smell comes along. To take in more water, take foods that can trigger the thirst center in the brain like salted food, hot or cold beverages.

As each woman’s pregnancy week by week journey is different from another, it is important to find out the various foods that work for you and consume these foods. In so doing, you can effectively combat morning sickness as you feed the body what it craves for. It is, however, important to have a balanced diet, even with pregnancy cravings so as to ensure the well being of your growing child in the womb.

Last but not least, one can use ginger to help contain morning sickness. Ginger is a great herb that can help in managing nausea as its severity increases during pregnancy week by week changes. Eat it whole, have it ground in food or tea, its benefits cannot be ignored. It helps soothe the stomach and contain nausea. Do choose any of the aforementioned methods or a combination of the methods to get relief from morning sickness and enjoy pregnancy.

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