Tips on How to Beat Brain Fog Naturally


Brain fog is a common complaint and not something that was heard of just a decade or so ago. Gaining mental clarity only takes a little consciousness. I know it can be hard when you are in a fog, so bookmark this now and it will be much easier to remember when you need it.

Tips on How to Beat Brain Fog Naturally

Breathe in deeply to relieve brain fog. Sometimes we just aren’t getting enough oxygen. If you inhale and exhale quickly (think Lamaze style), you are sending your brain a signal to pay attention. Just this one tip can make a big difference.

Drink more water. Brain fog can be caused by dehydration and urinary tract infections. Drink that water up. And if you suspect an infection, don’t sit on it. Get it taken care of before it becomes a bigger problem.

Increase your Vitamin C. For the same reason as above, vitamin C helps the body stay hydrated and gives our white and red blood cells some nourishment and energy to do their work. My favorite quick pick me up is to squeeze a little lemon or lime in my water. Organic fruit infused water is another great way to increase your Vitamin C intake naturally without supplementation.

Drink some herbal tea. Rosemary, mugwort, stinging nettles, and alfalfa are all great for giving us a boost in nutrients and a zing in our step.

Watch sugar intake. Refined sugars will raise your level of inflammation. Sugars from natural sources like fruits and vegetables will keep your focus and energy steady.

Increase protein intake. Did you know that a protein deficiency can rob you of a positive outlook on life? It is true. The essential amino acids in protein keep your brain functioning at top level.

Find hidden food allergies and sensitivities. A lot of times, brain fog is caused by inflammation. When a person eats foods that they are sensitive to, the body has an immune reaction. Immune reactions cause inflammation. A simple way to find the foods you are sensitive to is to implement an elimination diet.

Try CoQ10 to decrease inflammation. When first trying to reduce inflammation, CoQ10 can be a great asset. It works by supporting mitochondrial function which can naturally decrease inflammation.


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