Thunder God Vine: Ancient Remedy That Treats Arthritis Effectively And Annihilates Cancer


A Chinese herb that has been used to ease rheumatoid arthritis for over 400 years has proved to be more effective than prescribed Western drugs. In ancient times, practitioners gathered its roots in the summer or early fall. Only the inner portion of the root was utilized. In past centuries, the root was ground into powder and applied on the skin. The herb was given its name in honor of the God of Thunder, who was seen as powerful and ferocious. Presumably, the effects of the herb were associated with the power of the famous God in Chinese ancient mythology.

Its leaves and flowers are poisonous, but when extracted from the skinned root of the plant, TwHF offers powerful protection against rheumatoid arthritis. TwHF is already approved to treat rheumatoid arthritis in China, but researchers were curious to see how it matched up to more costly prescription drugs. Results confirmed that thunder god vine is as powerful as its name implies!

Cure rheumatoid arthritis

Thunder God vine has a promising future as an alternative treatment for rheumatoid arthritis patients who either can’t afford or do not respond to prescription drugs. Made up of more than 300 compounds, TwHF is highly concentrated with diterpenoids, which research suggests can act against the process that triggers inflammation. The Annals of Internal Medicine published a groundbreaking report that showed how TwHF acts as a pain reliever by blocking an enzyme that indirectly triggers the inflammatory response.
Cure Cancer in 40 days

Ancient Chinese medicine is bringing renewed hope to cancer sufferers, all thanks to an herb called thunder god vine. For starters, this herb may make it possible to purge tumors from the body without resorting to chemotherapy or other intense interventions.

On top of that, early evidence shows thunder god vine could be particularly effective in hindering the growth of pancreatic, colorectal, and ovarian cancers, among others.

The healing secret of thunder god vine lies in triptolide, an active compound with anti-cancer properties. Heavy doses of this compound are responsible for the vine’s therapeutic success. Triptolide appears to work by halting the production of RNA in cancerous cells, meaning the cancer cannot spread.

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