Throwing a Healthy End of Year Event


So another year is coming to a close, and it’s time for a year-end celebration with co-workers, friends and family. Awesome! But how do you throw a New Year’s event that is fun, safe and healthy for all who attend? That can actually be more challenging than it sounds.

Below are three ideas to make the last get-together of the year a healthy and memorable one.


A Healthy Party Starts With Healthy Food

The difference between a healthy get-together and an unhealthy one rests primarily on the food that you serve. So this year, skip the pizzas and potato chips and be a little more creative. Healthy snacks doesn’t have to mean celery sticks for days, although a veggie platter will certainly have its place. You could also try whole grain pita chips with hummus and broiled chicken wings instead of fried.

For entrees, how about grilled chicken and veggie wraps or barbequed steak and veggie kabobs? The possibilities are endless. If you are truly stumped, just go online and search for “healthy catering.” You’ll find all the help you need from a service like Noosh in Brisbane.


B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Booze)

Let’s face it, some of us want to ring in the New Year with some alcohol in our system. That is just the way it is. But how do you incorporate alcohol into your event in a way that won’t get anybody fired on Monday? Well, providing free drinks is out. If you do that, this will not be a family-friendly even by the time midnight rolls around. Nor will it be anywhere near healthy. And besides, corporate might not approve it anyways.

“Moderation in all things” is your best bet here. If your guests want to drink at a New Year’s celebration, you can’t force them to come to an alcohol-free event (they’ll just go to some other party instead). But on the other hand, you can’t provide free drinks either, because that will just invite some to drink to excess.

To encourage moderation, just make it a BYOB event. Nobody is going to bring a whole keg of beer just for themselves. And they won’t want to lug in a ginormous ice chest that requires four people to carry it in. Instead, those who want to drink will probably just bring in a small cooler with a few bottles of their favorite brew.


Don’t Cheap Out On The DJ

Lastly, what healthier way to end the year than by getting all sweaty on the dance floor? This is an absolute must for any year-end bash, but especially so if you are trying to promote a healthy environment. And there is no form of exercise on the planet that is more fun or more appropriate for New Year’s Eve than dancing.


Get a DJ. Pay her well. And crank it up.