Thousands of Lawsuits Seek to Keep Up Momentum in Talcum Powder Cases


Natural News has been reporting on the dangers of talcum powder for almost a decade. The federal government has also known that this popular product could cause cancer since at least 1973. Yet somehow, companies such as Johnson & Johnson were permitted to legally continue selling a carcinogenic substance without being forced to disclose the risk involved with using it on a regular basis.

All of this began to come to an end when a $72 million talcum powder lawsuit was settled in favor of the plaintiff. In this particular case, a Missouri woman passed away from ovarian cancer. Her family was able to provide compelling evidence that this was linked directly to her usage of multiple Johnson & Johnson products that contain talc, including Shower to Shower and Baby Powder.

According to a study published by Cancer Prevention Research, women who use products that contain talc as part of their personal hygiene routine have a shocking 20 to 30 percent increased risk of developing ovarian cancer. This alone makes it clear that talcum powder is highly dangerous and should not be sold or used as a personal hygiene product.

After the completion of the first successful lawsuit, a jury awarded a South Dakota ovarian cancer survivor $55 million in damages. Assuming that neither of these awards ends up being whittled away by the appeals process, Johnson & Johnson now owes $127 million for two cases. This may not make much of a dent in the company’s estimated net worth of $65.03 billion, but the one thousand new cases that loom on the horizon in Missouri alone have to be enough to make the CEO lose some sleep each night.

After all, if all of these women were to win their case for the $55 million that was awarded in the second trial, this would equal another $55 billion that must be paid out. When you consider the fact that thousands of women could still file from other states, it becomes easy to see how quickly this scandal could put Johnson & Johnson out of business.

The momentum is definitely on each victim’s side, which makes this the perfect time for other injured parties to come forward. It is also vital to be aware that Johnson & Johnson attempted to settle the very first talcum powder lawsuit by offering what was basically a bribe: $1.3 million in an out of court settlement that would have required the plaintiff to sign a confidentially agreement. In other words, they offered her hush money. Fortunately, the victim in this case did not accept the company’s attempt at sweeping her case under the rug.

It remains to be seen exactly what will happen with all of the pending lawsuits, but one thing is certain: Johnson & Johnson is in big trouble. Even if many of these cases are dismissed or settled for a nominal amount, the company’s reputation has been severely tarnished. Additionally, it’s going to be very difficult to get consumers to continue to purchase enough cancer causing products for them to keep making a profit. The good news is that this means women’s lives will be saved instead of willfully put in harm’s way in exchange for money.


Author Bio

Jade Rich currently works as an LPN at a Skilled Nursing Facility and Inpatient Rehabilitation Center. As a woman, mother and healthcare provider, Jade enjoys staying updated about the latest medical news. She is also saddened by the damage that talcum powder has allegedly caused individuals and their loved ones and is keeping a careful eye on news about any pending developments.

Jade Rich