This one yoga pose energizes you like espresso


Just recently released an article on yoga titled “The Yoga Pose That Energizes Like Espresso” and we believe wholeheartedly in this article.

It has been well known that yoga has the ability to energize us when people begin doing yoga regularly. They feel less lethargic and can get more done in a day. Although we don’t suggest you only do one pose a day, this is a great way to energize you and add a bit of a stretch into your monotonous routine whether at home or work.

The stretch is the downward dog. This popular yoga stretch is great for releasing tension in various parts of the body and can be done by anyone anywhere. It’s better than a yawn and the classic arms up and over stretch you know so well from sitting at your desk.

To do the downward dog pose (“adho mukha svanasana”) start by getting on your hand and knees with fingers spread wide and hands and feet shoulder width apart. Then shift your hips up and back creating an upside down “V” shape with your body. If done right you are increasing blood circulation and extending your arms, leg and spine for a nice gentle stretch. If you hold any job that is making you bend forward all day (such as a desk or cleaning job) this will allow you to counter that with a nice stretch in the shoulder blades.

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