A Theory of the Continents after a Pole Shift


A Theory of the continents after a pole shift.

History and mythology have helped today’s civilization understand that the continents as we know them were not once where they are that long ago. Tales such as the lost city of Atlantis and Lemuria have implanted the ideas into the minds of men that continents and the landscape of Earth is and will be forever changing. Unexplainable structures such as the pyramids underwater off the coast of Japan, in the rainforests of South America, and the claims of pyramids found in Antarctica only add to the idea that humans have had to relocate several times throughout history due to severe global climate change.

Currently the majority of the world’s population is familiar with the geographical layout of the planet. For example it is well known that there are seven continents and four oceans however, what if all that were to change? Even the bible mentions sudden geographical changes can occur with just the story of Noah’s Flood alone. Not to mention Earth’s wandering Magnetic North Pole, the Weakening of the Magnetosphere and Earth’s Magnetic Reversal are becoming a much more recognized issue that will have an effect on the entire planet and all those who inhabit it.

The following theories of future geographical changes of each continent are based from scholarly observations as well as current collected data and information regarding the direction of shifting tectonic plates, planetary positioning and electromagnetic connections to other celestial bodies, worldwide earthquake and volcanic pressure release monitoring, North and South magnetic declination, and annual global sea-level increase in collusion with annual polar ice melt and freezing.

Antarctica which is the least inhabited continent due to the amount of year-round ice is also the continent that will likely experience the most significant changes. This is because after the Earth’s Poles shift a new equator will be sought out ultimately rearranging the North and South Poles. This will cause a massive ice-melt, global flooding, and even mini ice-age which in turn will reveal mass portions of the Antarctic continent as warmer temperatures begin to become more frequent resulting in an increase in vegetation and wildlife.

North America
The North American continent, which includes the United States, Canada, and Mexico, will too experience a massive change ultimately rendering the continent unrecognizable. Beginning with Canada much of the northeastern portion of the country is expected to rest underwater. This of course will be from the global flooding caused by the polar ice melting. Manitoba will be underwater for the most part as well as the majority of Canada’s coastlines will experience almost 100 miles of inland flooding especially Ontario and Quebec. The continental United States too will experience mass flooding on all four corners. Seattle, Washington is expected to rise in sea-level from the Puget Sound as ocean flooding could travel inland upwards of 100 to 150 miles from the Pacific coastline creating what has been commonly referred to as the “Seattle Islands”. California is expected to come to a rest underwater as hundreds of miles worth of ocean water will flood into Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona and Colorado to make the flat dry desert a part of the new ocean floor. The Eastern Seaboard too will experience roughly 100 to 150 miles of inland flooding thus changing the landscape and increasing the water height of the Mississippi River. The Midwest states are expected to be fine due to the fact that the Rocky Mountains lie to the west and many more miles of land lie to the east both blocking any significant flooding attempts. It is the Midwest States that will be the only remaining portion of the entire North American continent as they will stretch north towards the remaining portions of Canada and southwards towards Mexico. As for Mexico, for the most part Mexico is expected to remain fine except for coastline cities as far as 100 miles inland as well as parts of Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras are expected to experience major flooding.

South America
Surprisingly the South American continent is not expected to experience as much geographical changes as the North American continent but the South American continent will experience change nevertheless. Beginning with the Western Coastline, parts of Peru and a majority of Chile is expected to entirely fall beneath ocean water. Flooding may head inland as far as Bolivia traveling South between Uruguay and Argentina. However, there is some controversy regarding a large land mass that may rise out of the Pacific Ocean westwards of and connected to Chile thus creating somewhat of a large lake similar to the size of Lake Michigan. North of Brazil mass flooding may ensue forcing the majority of Brazil’s rain forests to end up underwater. Fortunately though due to the high terrain and mountainous regions the country of Brazil is expected to remain about sea-level for the most part. It may be possible that after a future North and South Pole shift that many of the uninhabited pyramids of the South American forests may once again become inhabited.

Due to limited space the majority of the European countries will have to be labeled in reference of a single territory such as the European Union in order to simplify for the reader the effects of severe global geographical change. Hyperlinks will be provided for better understanding. It is estimated that the majority of Europe is expected to sink below the sea after the next North and South magnetic pole shift. This is because of the position Europe is in contrast to the Arctic Circle and the immediate sea-level rise in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea after a mass polar ice melt. This aforementioned statement can only be confirmed by the current extreme flooding being witnessed in parts of the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Spain. However, parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland are expected to have small islands afterwards. Unfortunately though the mass majority of the European Union will be underwater. For example Poland and her neighboring countries will be underwater, Hungary and her neighboring countries will be underwater, all of Ukraine is expected to be underwater, and even as far east as Kazakhstan are parts of Europe theorized to be underwater. Visualization can be found by clicking here.

Much of Africa is expected to change but because of the overall size of the continent from an aerial perspective the continent will look to be quite intact after a pole shift. Beginning with the northern portion of the African continent, it is expected that the entire Saharan Desert will, once again, lie across the bottom of the ocean floor. However, some modern experts on the matter state theories that portions of North Africa will remain above sea-level such as parts of Niger, Chad, Libya, Morocco, and Sudan. One thing is for certain though, Egypt will remain above sea-level regardless due to its unique and elevated terrain as well as the fact that the Ancient Pyramids still remain in that same location from previous civilizations prior to the current North and South Pole positioning. As for South Africa, the majority of this area too is expected to fall beneath the ocean however, many other experts suggest that parts of Namibia, Lesotho, Angola, Zambia, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe will remain above the ocean but will be divided by a sea-sized river leading through central Africa and out the northeastern side of the continent. Like all of the other continents it is expected that Africa’s coastlines too will flood inland of up to 200 miles depending upon the region. Fortunately though it is in central Africa that life will continue as normal after severe global geographical changes occur. This is because this area, although currently luscious in vegetation, is furthest from any coastline therefore giving the best protection from mass flooding. However, temperatures in this region of the planet will vary accordingly to where both the new positioning of the North and South Poles comes to a rest. There is a great possibility that this region may no longer be warm in temperatures or lush in vegetation in the future.

A great amount of flooding is expected to overtake the entire western portion of Asia after the resettlement of Earth’s next Magnetic Reversal. However, a majority of Russia and Kazakhstan will remain above sea-level as well as Mongolia and a great majority of the Middle East including Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Armenia, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Sadly, much of East China will fall underwater as will the island of Japan, which can be witnessed currently with the continuous earthquakes, tsunamis, and flooding occurring since the Fukushima Nuclear disaster. Parts of North Korea and the whole of South Korea too will fall under the ocean. India is expected to remain relatively above sea-level however; the coastlines of every continent and country that resides along oceans will experience mass inland flooding. As for India, the inland flooding could be an upwards of 200 miles. Once the flooding begins along the Indian coastlines Sri Lanka will fall beneath the ocean.

Due to the fact that Australia is the largest ‘floating’ continent every coastline is expected to flood at least 100 to 300 miles inland. However, there is quite a bit of surprising news regarding the continent of Australia. For example, in South Australia near Melbourne the stretch of sea between Tasmania and Victoria is actually theorized to rise above sea-level becoming land connecting the two currently existing land masses. Another land mass is expected to rise based on underwater sea-bed heights south of Tasmania connecting Tasmania and Australia to New Zealand. New Zealand is theorized to also increase in landmass as well as extend further north and south becoming nearly, if not, bigger than Australia herself. Australia may experience additional flooding inland especially in the southern area of the continent as other landmasses may rise out of the ocean.

New Continents
It is the topic of ‘new continents’ that becomes the most controversial topic in the conversations regarding Earth’s Magnetic Reversal, Global Climate Change, and of course the Wandering Magnetic North Pole. However, keep in mind that only theories are produced based on collaborated scientific data and information as well as observations from some of the best minds in the academic disciplines of Earth and Space Research. There is no “right” or “wrong” as of now. Moving on, there are many ideas that come forth when touching the topic of new continents rising where the ocean once was. Topics such as these need to be spoken about as evidence is emerging with the islands that rose from the sea near Pakistan and Japan in the year of 2013 alone. An idea that many suggest is that Atlantis and Lemuria will both rise out of the ocean again existing where they once existed before which has given our current civilization thousands of years of mythology to decode and search for. Another theory suggested is that only portions of these ancient continents may rise out of the ocean as the rise and fall of continents in general depends solely on the positioning of the North and South Poles after a Magnetic Reversal is complete. Nevertheless the evidence of global geographical change is becoming noticed on a mass scale that has many people wondering “what’s next?”

Many scientists and experts reassure that any significant global or climate change can take an upwards of 5,000 years but the tales passed down by our ancestors of the fall of Atlantis say that these types of events may actually happen within a matter of days. More recent historical evidence of an entire populace being affected and meeting their doom to a catastrophic event is the eruption of Mount Vesuvius that occurred in Pompeii around 79AD. Stories such as these only further strengthen the possibility that such major catastrophic events can occur suddenly and without prior warning.



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