“The source of almost all of the viruses that cause demyelinating diseases is actually VACCINES”


In her lecture, ‘Inoculations: The True Weapon of Mass Destruction’ Dr Carley has these pearls of wisdom for us…

“Aspartame (artificial sweetener) is a neurotoxin. Who cares what the vaccine tastes like? Why are they putting aspartame in vaccines?

Some additional ingredients (as listed by the CDC in their website) include antibiotics which you could be allergic to; aluminum which when combined with silicon deficiency results in neurofibrillary tangles seen in Alzheimers; formaldehyde – a toxic carcinogenic substance used to preserve dead people; MSG – a potent excitotoxin which like aspartame can cause seizures and brain tumours; egg protein to which you could have life threatening anaphylactic reaction; and sulphites another toxin injected directly into blood stream. What the CDC does not admit is that 13 vaccines at present are cultured on aborted fetal tissue (human diploid cells). They also fail to mention the ethyl mercury containing preservative thimerosal which has been the ONLY dangerous substance in vaccines to receive mainstream media attention.

It’s a bunch of psychics down there at the CDC apparently, and what they do is they guess, ‘What virus is going to be causing the flu next year?’ and then they make their vaccine. In fact, the flu vaccine is causing the flu.

Did you know some people went up to Alaska and dug up the Spanish flu? And brought that lung tissue back to the CDC and are doing research on it? Why are they doing things like this? It’s totally insane”40

“What becomes SELF EVIDENT from these various editions of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine (the “Bible” by which all medical students learn about internal medicine) is that the source of almost all of the viruses that cause demyelinating diseases is actually VACCINES; and that the names of the diseases are changed to hide the true etiology.”


‘Response of Rebecca Carley, MD (court qualified expert in vaccine induced diseases) to CDC’s Public Health Protection Research Guide 2006-2015 http://www.drcarley.com (as accessed 31 July 2018).

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