The Shocking Truth about Negative People – How to Deal


We’ve all got that one person in our life that is just constant negativity and drama. You know that one who is always unhappy and hates everything? Maybe you even are that person. Well, what you probably didn’t know is that we may have been BORN to be that way, and while it can be changed, it could be a trait that wasn’t completely programmed after birth. Negative people could be just that, negative people.

A recent study released this morning has uncovered the insane truth about why there are some people in the world (haters) who just seem to hate on everything and there are some people who are the opposite and the study suggests that these people were born that way.

What researchers are saying about the science of hate

The study was essentially done to decide if there was a method to the madness of those people in your life who are just never happy. The scientist who did the study coined the term “dispositional attitude” and their research shows that people with a “positive” dispositional attitude tend to like way more than those with a negative one, who just seem to dislike everything.

A Little about the study itself
Published recently, the press release cites the “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The journal article, “Attitudes without objects: Evidence for a dispositional attitude, its measurement, and its consequences,” was written by Justin Hepler, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Dolores Albarracín, Ph.D., the Martin Fishbein Chair of Communication and Professor of Psychology at Penn.”

Where you might encounter negative people

During every aspect of your life, you’re bound to face a lot of people who seem like they “woke up on the wrong side of the bed” and where you encounter those people is going to determine greatly how you handle them. At work, this may look like someone who’s always complaining or gossiping; someone who always talks about quitting, but never does. You have someone in your mind right now, right?

At school, this might look like someone who similarly is also stirring up drama and spends almost all conversation time talking about other people and their choices. At home, this is someone who’s never happy with the choices you make or the things that you do, someone who is constantly nagging you and upset.

How to deal with negative people at work or at school

Now that you know how to identify if someone’s negative, let’s talk about how to deal with that person. It can be so frustrating dealing with them day in and day out, but there are ways to manage it. Here are some ideas.


  • When possible, distance yourself from negative influences in your life. Keep your friends positive and encouraging.
  • Negativity is cancerous, use affirmations and positivity exercises to keep your mind clean and happy. Take what they say at a grain of salt.
  • Kill them with kindness – NEVER feed into the gossip or drama. You don’t control them, you only control you. Don’t engage in the toxicity spreading.
  • Keep your topics light, dodge conversations that get too heavy by changing the subject.


Remember, you’re in control of your life and the people you surround yourself. Take comfort in the fact that you can identify and quarantine any negative relationships in your life. Learn more about your goals and how sacrificing toxic things in your life is so worth the effort.


Amanda Little
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