The Satiety Index Trick: How to Lose Weight without Going Hungry

It seems everywhere you look you read about the latest and greatest weight loss supplement or some fancy new workout equipment. While each of these do have their place and purpose when you are interested in losing weight. However, did you know you can lose weight without starving yourself or working out any more than you are currently do now?
The Secret to Losing Weight
I would like to share a secret with you about losing weight. It’s information that has been around for years. However, most people may not be familiar with this little known weight loss strategy. In fact, when I first learned about it, I couldn’t believe it was so simple. Best of all, it has nothing to do with expensive gym memberships or living on a 350 calorie per day diet. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. It’s about feeling fuller longer, so you don’t have to worry about starving yourself either.
I first learned about it on New Year’s Eve in 2011. Like others on that festive night, I made my New Year resolutions and just like countless people I made the resolution to lose weight.  However, for the first few weeks of 2012, I was not losing weight. Why not, I wondered. I was still following my daily jogging routine and yet after two weeks nothing. I didn’t even lose a pound. I was depressed. Then one day I realized that I was making the wrong CHOICES about the foods I was eating. Although I made the resolution to lose weight I didn’t change a thing about what I was eating. Fortunately, I remembered a conversation I had with a friend a few weeks back on New Year’s Eve. She told me about something I never heard about. She told me about satiety (pronounced “sa-tie-atee”). This is the secret I want to share with you.
What is Satiety?
Satiety is the feeling of being full. It’s the feeling you enjoy after you eat a delicious and nutritious meal. The reason why it works so well is because you have the feeling of being full, thus you naturally stop eating. The reason it is so successful is because many of the foods you are eating today you’ll still be able to enjoy. So you’re not really changing much about the types of food you eat. The only thing you are giving up is the feeling of hunger as you lose weight.
I started to focus on satiety and my weight loss success began. I lost a total of 45 pounds over a five month period without feeling hunger and exercising any more. Best of all, I have kept it off. That may not seem like a lot to you, but to me it was everything in the world. So let’s turn our attention to learning what satiety is and how it can benefit you.
A 1995 Satiety Experiment
Research about The Satiety Index was first published by the Australian researcher, Dr. Susanna Holt. The research shared information on which foods create the feeling of fullness and how particular foods are able to satisfy the feeling of hunger. The index is straight-forward and is based upon 38 different foods with a serving size of 240 calories per food. Each food on the index is ranked against white bread as a baseline. White bread has a satiety number of 100. Any food above this baseline satisfies hunger longer, while those foods under 100 were not as satisfying.
Specific Foods on the Index
Based upon the research, Dr. Holt discovered that some foods like croissants (47 on the Satiety Index) are about half as satisfying as white bread. Boiled potatoes, on the other hand are over three times satisfying and ranked an impressive 323 on the Satiety Index. However, French fries scored only 116. While this is above the baseline of 100, what made the difference between the two potato-based foods?
Upon further research, the researchers discovered that foods, roughly speaking, with more protein, fiber and water content the longer it satisfies. In addition, foods with more bulk also make you feel fuller longer. So let’s take a closer look at some specific examples of the Satiety Index.
Fruit and Vegetables:
Fruit and vegetables ranked high in the index. Bananas ranked at 118, oranges ranked an impressive 202, while apples came in at 197. This is great news for those looking to lose weight without going hunger. Rather than snacking on a doughnut, ranked at 68, grapes are much better at 162.
Popcorn makes an excellent and fulfilling snack. This tasty food ranked at 154. Popcorn, without the butter and the extra candy tossed in is a healthy snack. The next time you’re hungry enjoy some popcorn. Just make sure you are making it on the stove in a pot or air popper not using microwave popcorn with it’s health risks.
Oatmeal ranked among the best satiety foods with a score of 300. If you’re traveling, oatmeal is a great way to start the day and many hotel breakfast bars serve hot oatmeal. If you want to add some more flavor enjoy with dried cherries and walnuts.
Eggs ranked at 150 and combined with a banana (118) and some cheese (146) you’ll feel fuller all morning long.
Satiety will help you lose weight without feeling hungry.
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