The Regeneration Plan: A New Paradigm in Healing


The old paradigm of medicine is rapidly dying. People are becoming aware of the limitations of modern Medicine, which are basically centered around controlling symptoms, but not really curing. A new paradigm is slowly emorging as new life springs from the ashes after a fire. This new paradigm focuses on the Regenerative capacities of the hormones, adaptogens and vibrational medicine. This paradigm is coupled with the rapidly emerging field of Regenerative Medicine that incorporates 3-d printing of organs, stem cells growing new body parts, and gene manipulation. This combination has the potential to create real health, not just symptom supression. My book, The Regeneration Plan: A New Paradigm in Healing provides the reader with the information they need to enhance the body’s capacity for regeneration. This concept of the miraculous capacity of the body to regenerate itself has largely been ignored by Western Medicine, but entrenched in many other cultures. What also has been ignored is the understanding that healing needs to occur on all levels, body, mind and spirit. And this concept will also be a part of this new paradigm in healing. The purpose of the book is to provide the necessary tools and resources they will need so that so they can participate in their own wellness.
Dr. Elisa Lottor, Ph.D.H.M>D. is the author of Female and Forgetful and is presently working on her next book “The Regeneration PLan: A New Paradigm in Healing” to be published in 2014. To rad more got to

Elisa Lottor