The Reason Solar Geoengineering from Jet Aircraft is Seen World-Wide


The basic question as to what chemical compounds are forming the lingering aerosol trails coming from jet aircraft globally has led to an elaborately hidden international program for Solar Geoengineering happening right now. This world-wide Geoengineering program for Solar Radiation Management (S.R.M.) has a rich international history, is hiding in plain view and has methods that are much simpler, cheaper and more diabolical than many have suspected. Deployed with no debate or law passed by any national government.

Solar Geoengineering is happening now on a planetary scale by simply not limiting high amounts of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) in jet aircraft exhaust. Understand that SO2 is the leading Solar Geoengineering chemical most desired for front-line use by scientists and governments. Sulfates come from the oil jet fuel is made from. When combusted in modern jet engines it combines with oxygen to produce Sulfur Dioxide. These particles are perfect to form water droplets around, leading to ice crystals in the proper conditions at high altitude which then reflect sunlight back to space. All planned out decades ago to prevent global warming as stated by Geoengineering scientists.

Exhaust coming out of a car has at most 15 parts per million Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), where as modern jet exhaust has been tested at between 600 and 3000 parts per million Sulfur Dioxide. Modern aviation exhaust has been tested as having 60 to 300 times more sulfur oxides than car diesel or gasoline exhaust, yet there are no FAA standards on sulfur oxides. Meaning there could legally be any amount of Sulfur in jet fuel. The only aircraft emissions standards are on lead, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide. Governments and corporations world-wide don’t take Sulfur out of the crude oil that makes up aviation fuel in the refining process. Saving 5 billion dollars a year. In all other surface transportation fuel the Sulfur is filtered down in accordance with law. This Solar Radiation Management program actually exists by governments agreeing to not pass a law limiting sulfates in aviation fuel.

This is no accident as the Sulfur could easily be removed from aircraft fuel for an average of 5 cents a gallon. Providing the only plausible explanation as to why this phenomenon is seen all over the planet regardless of countries or borders. Following the logic that a secret fleet of thousands of specially modified sprayer aircraft with complicit air crews flying transnational missions would be logistically impossible. Planes witnessed dispersing lingering aerosol trails world-wide have commercial numbers and decals easily followed by air traffic apps and a pair of binoculars. These are hundreds of thousands of scheduled flights daily around the world that couldn’t possibly be modified tanker aircraft.

Could there be a simpler answer?

In fact under the Sulfur Dioxide Geoengineering scenario governments and corporations save 5 billion dollars a year not reducing the Sulfur in aviation fuel and don’t have to modify a single plane.

This is not meant to dispute that there are military operations and weather manipulation Geoengineering programs taking place using small fleets of modified airplanes by lots of different governments and corporations for many different reasons. Employing a variety of methods and chemicals with regional effects.

Yet as far as an internationally agreed upon and deployed Geoengineering program for Solar Radiation Management (S.R.M.), using thousands of ordinary jet aircraft witnessed spraying huge plumes all over the world. This is the big one.

Being the third installment in this series, please refer to the previous articles on this subject. Detailing the fact that scientists from Harvard and Yale wrote a scientific paper advising a plan to deliver huge amounts of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) to the high atmosphere. Using a new fleet of 95 specially built high altitude jet tanker planes called (S.A.I.L.) Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Lofters by 2047. Under the name Stratospheric Aerosol Injection using SO2. Those articles explored the possibility this is currently happening with ordinary jet aircraft at today’s altitudes without being modified. That scientific paper to led to one simple question.

Harvard Scientific Paper Details Entire Geo-Engineering Program Using Jet Aircraft

The Geoengineering Chemical of the “Future” that has Been Dispersed by Jet Aircraft for Decades

Is Sulfur Dioxide Geoengineering from jet aircraft happening now?

Sulfur Dioxide Geoengineering has a long history of international cooperation and secrecy. Scientists fully admit the fact that sulfur oxide pollution coming from jet aircraft is a big problem, being the main reason for “persistent contrails” and global dimming. As well as the fact it has a significant effect on the amount of sunlight hitting the Earth. Sulfur oxides also form acid rain droplets so corrosive jet exhaust manifolds must be constantly maintained due to the caustic nature of Sulfur Dioxide. The SO2 pollution coming from air travel is no accident as it can be taken out for less than five cents a gallon, saving countless maintenance man hours on aircraft as well as actual human lives. Admittedly thousands a year die from this chemical dispersal and it has all the effects on plant and animal life blamed on more exotic chemicals that can’t be proven to be coming from jet aircraft. Such as respiratory illnesses like C.O.P.D., swelling of body tissues and joints, paralysis, death and deforestation. Sulfur reduces ignition temperatures in fireworks. What happens when this chemical falls out on dry areas of the country prone to wild fires in the summer?

Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for Sulfur Dioxide (SO2).

What is not disputed is that SO2 is a deadly Geoengineering chemical being sprayed on you right now, no argument about it! Yet it scientists refer to it as a form of soot or “accidental geoengineering“, even though Sulfur Dioxide Geoengineering has been the plan from it’s first inception. Ninety percent of all the scientific papers on Solar Geoengineering are about sulfate dispersals and almost all Solar Geoengineering plans revolve around it.

The whole idea of blocking sunlight to alter the climate came from studying volcanoes that release huge amounts of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). Bouncing sunlight back to space because of the sulfate particles ability to ice nucleate at high altitude creating reflective water crystals. Drastically altering the Earth’s weather systems and cooling the planet. This current Solar Radiation Management (S.R.M.) program is the equivalent of a volcano going off constantly in the stratosphere. Spewing SO2 with hundreds of thousands of flights around the clock. Delivering thousands of tons of Sulfur Dioxide to the high atmosphere daily.

The first person to propose this could be done artificially by injecting sulfates into the high atmosphere was Soviet climate scientist Mikhail Budyko, who theorized the plan in the early 1970s during the cold war. The concept was referred to as “Budyko’s Blanket“. Even more interesting is the academic cooperation between the United States and the Soviet Union in developing and implementing a plan for Solar Radiation Management using Sulfur Dioxide.

Budyko actually trained some of today’s top Geoengineering scientists such as Ken Caldeira. Who went to Leningrad to be instructed by Budyko in 1990 and then came back to the United States to work for Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. Where he met Lowell Wood according to Wired magazine. Wood is another huge proponent of Solar Geoengineering using sulfates, as was his mentor Edward Teller. Edward Teller and Lowell Wood came up with plans for Solar Radiation Management (S.R.M.) using sulfates dispersed at high altitude in the early 90s. Looking very much like “Budyko’s Blanket” and nick-named the “Teller-Wood” design. In gallows humor reference to Edward Teller’s successful plans for the Hydrogen Bomb called the Teller-Ulam design.

The idea is simple. Disperse Sulfur Dioxide particles microns in size at high altitude which ice nucleate at low temperature to form ice crystals that are carried by convection to the stratosphere. Becoming very reflective and bouncing sun’s rays back to space, thereby cooling the planet. This is to mitigate global warming, it was theorized. A shot gun approach hoping at least half of the sulfur oxides get lofted for a long enough period of time to the high atmosphere. Reflective sulfate particles would also have the effect of blocking UVB ultra-violet light as a stand in for the ozone layer.

Sulfur oxides when ice nucleated to form reflective crystals absorb UVB Ultra-Violet light just like the ozone layer. While at the same time destroying the natural ozone layer. Why haven’t we heard much about the ozone layer since the eighties even though the holes are still there? It wasn’t because grandma quit using hairspray and fluorocarbons were taken out of air conditioners.

Measure before and after multiple flights form “persistent contrails” and watch as the UVB drops dramatically, as well as output from solar panels. Paul Crutzen, a climate scientist and a winner of the 1995 Nobel Prize in chemistry for his work on ozone depletion, published a paper called “Albedo Enhancement by Stratospheric Sulfur Injections: A Contribution to Resolve a Policy Dilemma?”. Detailing the use of high altitude sulfur oxide aerosol injections to block UV radiation. Sun block for the Earth.

Top scientists from the United States and the Soviet Union who made nuclear weapons to kill one another are advising a scheme to Geoengineer the planet using Sulfur Dioxide. To this day the U.S., Russia and China do not filter Sulfur content from the oil that makes up aviation fuel. Even though Sulfur standards on all other surface transportation fuels are very strict. This Solar Radiation Management program exists by internationally agreeing not to agree on a law reducing Sulfur in jet fuel.

Modern high by-pass turbofan engines shouldn’t produce “persistent contrails” but they do. Burning a cleaner fuel these engines would produce almost no contrail because they are much more efficient. Modern jet engines aerosolize the Sulfur content more completely creating much longer exhaust plumes than previous aircraft. Sulfur in the fuel gets combusted and combines with oxygen to form sulfur oxides that are microns in size. Perfect for ice to form reflective surfaces on the dispersed sulfate particles. Just as called for by Geoengineering scientists since the idea first came into being in the early 1970s. Coincidence?

The ultra-low sulfur fuel thereby limits or eliminates contrail formation because there is limited sulfur byproduct in the exhaust to support nucleation and water droplet formation.   Patent US20100122519A1

Almost like a drug addict that can’t stop or face horrible consequences that they created. A Solar Geoengineering experiment designed to cool the planet that is actually destroying the Earth’s ability to resist the sun’s more deadly rays. Leading to an out of control escalation in the amount of sulfates needed to block UVB as the ozone layer is depleted. Could this be one of the reasons for such international secrecy and cooperation between the super powers over the last 40 years?

Leading to the call for a new fleet of 95 specifically built tanker aircraft called (S.A.I.L.) Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Lofters that can lift much larger Sulfur Dioxide payloads higher into the stratosphere. This plan is now being openly promoted by the media as a good thing to normalize Geoengineering activities in our skies.

Climate change has been declared a national security issue with non-disclosure clauses for both commercial and military pilots. Possibly because of the poisonous nature of Sulfur Dioxide Geoengineering and lawsuits that would ensue. Airline cabin sickness could be an acute form of what people suffer on the ground from a “heavy spray day”. Jet exhaust is already 600-3000 parts per million Sulfur Dioxide, way above what it would take to induce serious health issues if flying through a jet stream. Imagine how much falls out on the ground. Even 2ppm is hazardous and creates C.O.P.D. like symptoms and 500ppm can kill you.

Exposure to concentrations above the TLV of 2 ppm may irritate the eyes, nose, throat, and sinuses, resulting in choking, coughing, and sometimes broncho-constriction.

Concentrations of 50-100 ppm are considered dangerous.

Exposures of 400-500 ppm are immediately life-threatening. Exposure to high concentrations may result in pulmonary edema and paralysis.

M.S.D.S. Sulfur Dioxide

SO2 Geoengineering is the only proven mechanism that could allow a Global Solar Geoengineering program for S.R.M. to exist using commercial jet aircraft with the known leading Geoengineering chemical. Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). Explaining why these lines in the sky from jets are seen world-wide.

Dirty aviation fuel may even explain the presence of trace amounts of barium or strontium in tested jet exhaust. These chemicals are tell-tale signs in environmental tests of oil drilling and fracking especially from high sulfate tar sands, which much of the aviation and maritime shipping “bunker fuel” is made from. Along with trace amounts of the metals Aluminum, Barium, Cr, Fe, Mo, Na, Ca, V, Co, Cu, Ni, Pb, Mg, Mn, Si,Ti and Zr. Some of these metals may not be completely taken out in the refining process just like the sulfates and could also come from engine erosion or other possible additives studies suggest.

Geoengineering scientists want to put more Sulfur Dioxide into the stratosphere using 95 new high altitude aircraft by 2047. With a plan that looks exactly like what we are seeing on the ground today from jet aircraft, using the exact same chemical. Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). These long lines in the sky coming from jet aircraft could be a beta test to see if the program will work on a larger scale. Using today’s commercial and military aircraft.

If there was lowered sulfur was in aviation fuel, like every other fuel, there would be little to no “persistent contrails” coming from jet aircraft. This could explain why two planes going in same direction right next to each other produce different sized contrails depending on conditions at that altitude. One descends slightly and the other ascends slightly, throttling the engines at different rates and using more or less sulfate laden fuel. Depending on the size of the engine, weight and model of aircraft the amount of sulfur oxides released varies greatly. Jets passing each other at the same altitude would use different amounts of fuel depending on head or tail winds producing differing lengths of aerosol trail or none at all. Some private jet planes may be using low sulfate fuel which produces little to no trail. Already existing computerized air traffic control could easily route or re-route jet aircraft through ice nucleating altitudes and contrail forming conditions depending on what is needed. Leaving huge x patterns of jet plumes on one day and not the next. All accomplished with today’s technology and structures but hiding in plain view.

Sulfates in the aviation fuel also provides the key mechanism for world-wide Solar Radiation Management (S.R.M.), long sought after by Geoengineering researchers.

Is it all much simpler than we have been led to believe?

A Solar Geoengineering program using a shot gun approach with existing aircraft to loft tons of Sulfur Dioxide to the high atmosphere. Knowing roughly half the particles will make it into the stratosphere by convection and half will fall out almost immediately to the ground. Even the the sulfur oxides that make it to the high atmosphere will eventually fall out.

The S.C.o.P.E.x. Geoengineering experiment by Harvard University headed up by David Keith is taking place the summer of 2019 over Arizona. This experiment will be using Sulfur Dioxide to block the sun dispersed by high altitude balloons. Read from the S.C.o.P.E.x. website.

Additionally, if we test sulfate in this experiment, the amount we would use would be less than the amount released during a one minute of flight of a typical commercial aircraft. Aircraft release sulfates due to residual sulfur content of aviation fuel.


Climate scientists and “chem-trail” de-bunkers explanation of the sight of planes apparently turning on and off contrails going through the sky is that accidentally toxic exhaust particles are interacting with differing pockets of humidity. Producing the illusion of a segmented contrail. Some Geoengineering theorists insist it is a fleet of thousands of retrofitted aircraft commanded by malevolent pilots consciously switching the spray on and off.

Neither option gives any comfort under the Sulfur Dioxide Geoengineering scenario. It would be better if someone was switching a valve on and off because that would mean less poison was coming out, at least some of the time. Sulfur oxides, whether forming an aerosol trail in the right conditions or not, are still being dispersed by jet aircraft. Eventually ice nucleating to reflect sunlight or falling out on the ground directly on you.

Governments and corporations are not even coming out of pocket for this massive S.R.M. program while we all run around looking for nozzles on large fleets of secret aircraft and exotic substances. While this proven Geoengineering chemical is staring us right in the face. Pretty slick. Some of that saved 5 billion dollars a year most certainly has gone to fund counter-intelligence disinformation programs to misdirect the public as to the true nature and mechanisms of this Solar Radiation Management (S.R.M.) program. Confusing the subject for anyone who notices that Solar Geoengineering is occurring in the sky above them. Well meaning people question scientists and authorities with ideas about all manner of outrageous Geoengineering theories originally propagated as misinformation. So scientists, de-bunkers and the media can laugh at them, quoting elementary climate science. While we all look in the wrong place. This is called a “limited hang-out” or “gas-lighting” in counter-intelligence. A small number of supposed Anti-Geoengineering accounts on social media attack those whose research differs from the promoted line. Insisting everyone conform to the most extreme ideas about the Geoengineering conspiracy propagated over the last twenty years. Theories that can’t be proven one way or the other.

It’s a fact that Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) is being dispersed by jet aircraft in large amounts right now and that SO2 is the leading Solar Geoengineering chemical for the scientific community and governments around the world. Let’s put two and two together. In any investigation the simplest provable answer is usually the right one. Somewhere in the middle of the two hyped narratives but no less terrifying. Revealing a more complicated and diabolical reality.


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