The Psycho-Social-Emotional Effects of Cell Phone Overuse


We’ve heard of the potential lethal effects of cell phone radiation on our bodies, but what about the psycho-social-emotional dangers of cell phone overuse?  We might be “connected,” but are we still connected?

The following video speaks volumes about what is happening to us:

I recently spent a day at Disneyland with my darling niece.  I am not sure I ever saw her face!  Just the top of her adorable head.  She spent most of the time texting about her experience at Disneyland (rather than experience Disneyland.)

For amusement and to further my argument that we have taken cell phone use a tad too far, I invite you to observe behavior of our species the next time you dine in a restaurant.  Try to find a table where there are no cell phones poised at the ready.  What?  Are they waiting for something more interesting than the company at their table?

I find the following article hilarious.  Texting is so ingrained in some people — they are doing it in their sleep!

Do you think you are immune?  Check out a recent article written by a fellow Natural News Blogger:

A bit from comedian Dean Obeidellah:

“There are millions of cell phone users in the United States. But one day last week, there was one less: Me.

My CNN editors asked me to participate in an experiment where I won’t use my cell phone for one whole day. I thought: How hard could it be? I know many of you, like myself, are old enough to remember America B.C., as in “Before Cell phones.” We made it through just fine.

So off I went into the streets of New York City sans a cell phone. At first, I felt liberated, like Neo in “The Matrix” when he took the red pill and could finally see the “real world.”

Instead of texting or checking my e-mail, I began to actually look at the people I was sharing the streets with. It truly resembled a movie set filled with extras from all walks of life. A beautiful woman walked quickly past me while fixing her make up. Asian tourists were busy snapping photos. A businessman looked busy talking on his phone. A group of Hasidic men were kibitzing while an Arab man sold falafel from a cart.

It was truly exhilarating. For about 14 or 15 minutes or so. After that, I began to worry: What if someone needs to reach me? What if there is an important message waiting for me?”

Can you relate?  Are we forgetting how to relate to others outside of technology?

Could you go a WHOLE DAY without your cell and still be sane?






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