The Power of Words


Do you think about the words you use?

How often do you hear people exclaim out of frustration “I am Sick & Tired”, “Pain in the neck”, “Pain in the ass” “eating away at me” or “makes me sick.” We lay ownership and claim to our suffering calling it “my cancer” or “my illness”. Energetically we are drawing these things to us.

Every word and every thought have their own vibration. Is this really the reality we mean to create for ourselves? Of course not, but mean to or not what you speak becomes.

If you are really “sick and tired” of something stop complaining about it and take a step towards changing it. Making yourself sick will only compound the problems. If things in your life aren’t serving your best and highest good drop them like a hot potato, don’t bring them closer.

Words do manifest in the physical. An older gentleman I have known most of my life for years used the phrase “pain in the ass”. Everything it seemed was a “pain in the ass” to him. What came to pass was an anal fisher – a literal hole (a pain in the ass). He did not appreciate me pointing this out to him. Nor did he buy into this premise that he was creating this illness himself. It healed, and he did not stop using the phrase. A short time later, it reappeared. This time he took it to heart and stopped saying it. The healing was faster and it did not come back.

I have personally experienced this as well. When I would get mad I used to say, “I’m pissed off” – What came to pass was reoccurring urinary tract infections – completely out of the blue and with no apparent reason or common factors. Once I stopped using the phrase, I stopped getting them all together.

I also knew a woman who was incredibly sweet. She was nice to everyone. She held everything inside and never showed anger. Several times to me she would say her problems were just “eating away at her”. She developed stomach cancer.

Words are powerful. Speak nicely to yourself and about yourself. You are listening more than you know.

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