The Hidden Source of Tap Water Intake Worse Than Drinking It


There is more acceptance now than a decade ago that tap water is bad to drink.  It’s contaminated with chlorine, fluoride, pharmaceutical drug residues and other toxins and poisons known to cause cancer, among other harms.  But what’s not well-known is that it can be just as important to use a shower filter as a drinking water filter.

Whenever you take a warm or hot shower, some of the water turns into steam and the chemicals in the tap water vaporize into gaseous states.  Not only does this end up being inhaled through the lungs, but it’s also absorbed through the skin.  While even at room temperature your skin can absorb whatever is put on it (which is how nicotine patches work), in a hot shower, your pores open up, exposing yourself to an even greater intake of tap water contaminants.  As unbelievable as it may sound, a person can absorb more tap water poisons in a twenty minute shower than by drinking eight glasses of tap water.

This is particularly dangerous for anyone with a heart or cholesterol problem.  Even if you live in a city or country where the water isn’t fluoridated, it’s almost certainly chlorinated.  Chlorine is an antibacterial agent designed to kill and at least damage living organisms, which is the rationale for its use in the water supply—to kill the harmful bacteria in the water supply.  But it also fulfills its function once its consumed or absorbed, on the living cells, organs, enzymes and beneficial bacteria in the body.  In addition, chlorine scars the arteries through which it ends up flowing in the blood, resulting in chiseled arterial pockets that LDL, or “bad,” cholesterol end up hooking onto, resulting in arteriosclerosis.

Tap water’s chemical fraternal twin sister to chlorine, fluoride, is not only a known carcinogen, it’s literally poison.  Most rat poison is almost entirely sodium fluoride, and while the amount you might intake from showers won’t kill you, small amounts of fluoride have proven to cause passivity, over-obedience to authority, depression, thyroid dysfunction, obesity, lower IQ, and impaired neurological development in children.  According to a Harvard study, children raised in areas with high amounts of fluoride in the tap water had “significantly lower IQ than those in low fluoride areas.”

While no shower filter can filter out every single contaminant, most screw-on shower filters can filter out the majority of the chlorine, and the better ones can filter out some of the other contaminants as well.  Just make sure you have something to protect yourself and your loved ones from what for many people is a daily health hazard.

Jonathan Cho